5 Brilliant Historical Figures Who Were Gamblers – 2024 Review

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Each of us certainly knows how to name at least one historical figure who did not only have a great reputation as a scientist, writer, painter or something else. This person may have been considered a genius in his time, but that did not stop him from also having a reputation as an adventurous person who loves gambling. However, there were several respectable people for whom you may not even be able to imagine much they loved to gamble.

Although perhaps none of them ended up as the most famous gambler but something else, they also had proof up their sleeves that it is possible to be both. If you are interested in finding out which persons are involved, we advise you to prepare for an exciting discovery. Keep reading the text and embark on an unforgettable journey through time where we will reveal to you who these enigmatic personalities are.

1. Fyodor Dostoevsky

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Dostoevsky is one of the most famous people when it comes to literature. He showed some other abilities with his original works. It turned out that Dostoevsky is actually an excellent connoisseur of the human psyche, which makes him an excellent psychologist. This is because in his works he often described people with vices and different profiles of people who had certain social problems.

His knowledge of human nature could not go unnoticed. On the other hand, his works may have already studied something else. We all know about his novel The Gambler. Can you guess who was his biggest inspiration when he was writing that short novel? Fyodor Dostoevsky himself. Yes, he was very passionate in creating the most beautiful works that will last forever, but in addition he had another great passion and that is gambling.

2. René Descartes

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This French thinker who is considered the founder of modern philosophy had a very dynamic life. He was also very successful in several fields of life. Today, we can say that he was a successful mathematician and scientist in addition to philosophy. However, he also knew how to spend his days having fun. During his years at college, he lived as a very wealthy young man. Then he enjoyed parties, women, fencing, etc.

Of course, that’s not all. He was equally capable of gambling which he truly enjoyed. It is interesting that this genius even claimed that he could have more success in gambling than in school. Although he studied law and military school, his greatest love in the end was philosophy. However, there was always a gamble. He never forgot about it and that passion stayed with him throughout his life.

3. Claude Monet

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We present to you another person who had connections with gambling. However, this French impressionist did not only engage in this activity as something for fun. He loved to do it, and in the meantime he earned a huge amount of money which brought him incredible success. How did he do it?

The French painter is accompanied by the story that he earned an incredible amount of money due to gambling, which was huge for that time. So, a certain amount enabled him to continue to enjoy that money as a wealthy man. However, Claude Monet managed to use this in the best possible way that suited his preferences and thus raised his work to a higher level.

With the help of this award, he managed to leave his current job and dedicate himself exclusively to his greatest love, and that is certainly his painting talent. Before that, this painter had problems with money and often knew how to make some money in addition to work by selling drawings. Of course, his desire to paint was stronger than anything else and he went to Paris where he discovered his other passion, and that is gambling.

4. Michel de Montaigne

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Well, let’s continue with French artists. Here we have another person who knew like others to spend their days of life in the most exciting way. Of course, gambling was a big part of it. He had one very clear attitude when it came to life, and he was referring to the fact that many things in life we ​​simply can’t control.

In accordance with his thinking, an attitude towards casino games arose. He says that they taught him a lot, because they are just telling his thought. He also talked about how they helped him establish a decent view. Thus, his philosophical ideas were greatly influenced by gambling, that is, his experience with games. That tells us only one thing – gambling certainly influenced his attitude towards skepticism. The only unpleasant period of his life happened at the end of the 16th century when the plague epidemic broke out again.

Because of that, he had to move several times and be in quarantine. We believe he would be happy if he could then access one of the online casinos like agensg.com and have fun until the Black Death passes.

5. Richard Nixon

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Many American citizens have talked about how a person can show potential for president by playing poker. This is because many presidents have liked to play this fantastic game. It was noted that this game was the most important thing for them where they could make connections with other important people. We have one representative of this kind of society, and that is Richard Nixon.

His success in gambling is confirmed by the fact that Nixon managed to get a luxury sports car owned by Ronald Reagan at poker. Looks like Nixon really knew how to become president.


We hope that we have succeeded in satisfying your curiosity with this text. You must be surprised when it comes to certain people. It’s a little harder for people to believe that the biggest fans of gambling are actually the idols that they admired, and yet they loved gambling. Anyway, who says you can’t be a genius and a casino lover. First of all, these people left a big mark on their works, and in addition, they had a great time. Maybe we should learn something from them.