The Proper care and feeding of a Central Vacuum System


Like any other piece of equipment, central vacuums need periodic maintenance. You need to take care of them properly if they are going to last. A vacuum unit that is abused will eventually break down in one way or another requiring repairs that could have been avoided.

Do not neglect your central vacuum system

Neglecting these systems include both forgetting about maintenance and abuse. Forgetting about regular and necessary maintenance can include forgetting to clean and empty the unit. Regular maintenance can include checking hoses and pipes for leaks and obstructions. Abuse, on the other hand, includes what you vacuum up. You should not try to vacuum up large objects. While it may sometimes happen, it should be avoided because it is hard on your system. Avoid vacuuming up sharp objects because they can cut the hose. Finally, do not vacuum up liquid spills, it can harm the machinery.

Empty your central vacuum system regularly

When you vacuum up stuff with these systems, the dirt and dust do not simply disappear. It is carried by an airflow toy storage area in the main unit. No matter how large a system you have, over time the storage unit gets filled it needs to be emptied. Depending on the system, you have it may include changing out a vacuum bag. Either way, you should not wait until it is so full that it affects the suction. The unit should be emptied when scheduled or when it is about half full.

Clean your central vacuum system regularly

Simply emptying central vacuum systems is insufficient; they do need to be cleaned periodically. Cleaning your unit not only includes cleaning out the canister but the hose and pipes as well.

Because nothing is perfectly smooth, specifically not a vacuum hose, there are some ways the dust and debris can accumulate inside of the pipes and hoses of your system. Furthermore, when something sticky gets caught in a piper hose dust and dirt can accumulate around it causing a clog. Regular cleaning can prevent and remove these clogs.

Proper cleaning and maintenance of central vacuums maximize both their efficiency and their functioning lifetime. When you have such a vacuum unit maintaining, it is simply a part of maintaining the house. If you take care of your central vacuuming unit, it will give you the service you want, for years to come.

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