How Do Politicians Make their Own Fashion Statement to Earn Votes?

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While you can’t judge a book by its cover, it’s absolutely possible to predict a person’s leadership abilities – especially in politics – just by looking at the attire he or she wears. Appearances can be deceptive, of course, as they do not highlight the person’s qualifications and competencies. Still fashion plays a huge role in how we perceive political candidates and, in turn, cast our votes.

On the surface, politics and fashion have nothing in common. Tell that to voters (and the candidates themselves) who are constantly assessing political candidates based on wardrobe. And politicians know it, too. Recent studies have focused exclusively on the contribution of fashion in the political world, leaving us to wonder:  How exactly does wardrobe play into the equation? Here’s a quick look.

Jackie Kennedy

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We all love and admire the first lady of the U.S. because of her impeccable fashion taste and charisma. Her iconic pillbox hat and white gloves are still believed to be real fashion accessories worldwide. Whether contemporary or ethnic, Kennedy surely knew how to influence people around her. What sets her apart from other female politicians of her time is her unconditional love for opulent pearls. Notably, pearls symbolize purity, truthfulness and genuineness which are the visible elements of Kennedy’s personality.

Dr. Carolyn Mair, behavioral psychologist and author of The Psychology of Fashion, found in her research for LagunaPearl that people who tend to stick to the traditional styles are quite stubborn and irrational in nature. On the other hand, those who experiment with their sense of style and fashion, tend to be more creative and innovative.

While we’ve seen Kennedy carrying diamonds with sheer perfection and flawlessness, the way she flaunted pearls were mind boggling and is still appreciated amongst true pearl jewelry admirers around the world.

Donald Trump

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As Jackie Kennedy will always be remembered as an ultimate fashion icon, the current American president will also be acknowledged because of his awful and weird fashion taste. Wide ties, boxy jackets and power suits make up for literally 90% of Trump’s fashion statement.

Trump’s selection of lapels and conventional formal attires reflect his dominant personality and rigid nature that we can also clearly see in his policies and formal political decisions.

Joe Biden

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Wide, wonderful smile and no-nonsense fashion sense is what makes 98% of Joe Biden’s fashion statement. Known for his candid nature and the ability to connect with the general public, Biden is getting immense popularity and fame in the current American political landscape. The best thing about Biden’s style is that he knows how to carry different styles with perfection. We’ve seen him carrying formal business attire with utmost confidence and also casual jackets and hats with sheer perfection. Psychologists are of firm belief that Biden’s innovative fashion taste is true reflection of his risk-taking capacity. He is smart, confident and definitely informed in making sound political decisions.

Elizabeth Warren

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Elizabeth Warren’s minimalist fashion taste reflects her simple and down-to-earth personality. We’ve barely seen her wearing any over-the-edge clothes. While her clothing is absolutely simple and candid, her love for pearls is what distinguishes her style from other present-day politicians. According to psychologists, those who prefer pearls over diamonds or other precious gems and jewels are more sophisticated and pure by heart. They tend to be more proactive and genuine than those who admire diamond or gold in the first place.

Kamala Harris

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Kamala Harris’s fashion sense revolves around novelty and innovativeness. She is one American politician who’s too experimental when it comes to clothing and fashion accessories. Just like Kennedy and Warren, Harris also seems to be in love with pearls and stones. In fact, we’ve never seen any politician wearing so much jewelry and that too with so much confidence. People who use pearls are more confident and genuine. They are expressive and also risk-takers. This is perhaps the biggest reason why psychologists consider Harris’s political style to be more extroverted and confident than her fellow female politicians.

Bernie Sanders

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As compared to Trump and Biden, Sander’s style statement is quite basic and minimal. He seems to be least bothered about the way he looks. However, whether formal or everyday looks, Sanders certainly knows how to seamlessly flaunt his different styles.

Whether modern or conservative, bold or minimalist, all these politicians are popular style icons who do not only get appreciation because of their unparalleled political know-how but are also popular worldwide because of their impeccable fashion taste.

The above-mentioned politicians are just a few of the many examples who hold the potential to influence others around them with their style and charisma. People admire politicians who are candid and down-to-earth, or the individuals with whom it’s easier for them to resonate with.

All in all, fashion definitely has the power to inspire others, especially those who are looking to see a positive change in their country’s political framework.