How to be Chic in 2024

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The holidays are now behind us end even though our pockets are empty, that doesn’t mean that we can’t rest our eyes on the new clothes we plan to buy. New fashion trends appear every year, and we want to look our best on every occasion.

Here are a few suggestions for the future to buy dictated by the best fashion designers in the world. Stay tuned for the fashion trends that you shouldn’t miss.

Puffy Sleeves are Making a Comeback

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Do you know how you giggled with your friends when you saw the videos from the 80s? Their puffy sleeves used to make us laugh, but they are making a huge comeback with wonderful details that you will love. Carolina Herrera is a world-famous fashion designer, and we will need to trust her on this. Puffy sleeves can be pretty romantic and attractive, and if we didn’t think about them so far, we would definitely learn to appreciate this interesting design.

Puffy sleeves dominated her new collection, and we want a piece of it. So, make sure you find the item that will complement your wardrobe and wear it with style. You will surely get a ton of compliments along the way, that’s for sure. With so many fashionable sweaters with puffy sleeves in all the colors, we’re sure you will find one that is just perfect for you. Keep an open mind and experiment with styles.

Wear the Leather, Darling!

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Leather jackets never go out of style. Every year, it is a must-have item that will complement your every look. The combinations are endless. It looks amazing when combined with a good pair of jeans, nice boats, and a bag, giving you a little bit of an edgy look. If you put on some smoky eyes makeup, you can be sure that the heads will turn. There’s nothing more attractive than a woman with an attitude, wearing a nice leather jacket.

It can be combined with a dress, high heels, a little bit softer makeup and you will be ready for a date. Elegant models can be used for business meetings or more formal occasions. Having a few leather jackets is even better.

According to, a red leather jacket is a huge trend right now. Combine in with the ankle boots, black jeans, and a T-shirt, and you will be ready for the day. Add a few accessories like a nice ring, cool sunglasses, and nude makeup, and you will be attracting looks wherever you go.

If you want to make a bolder statement, you can combine it with a dress, high heel shoes, a nice elegant bag, and your looks will be completely chic. The great thing about leather jackets is it can be worn throughout the day, in the evening and basically throughout the year depending on the weather. It is just what you need when the spring nights get cold, so you can enjoy a night with friends looking stylish.

Polka Dots

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Is this just my imagination, or do I see polka dots everywhere? Well, fashion designers have created spring/summer collections for this year full of polka dots, and we love it! Dresses, sweaters, underwear – you name it, polka dots are the fashion trend for this year. There are lots of feminine dresses on the runways this year with a polka dot print, but there is no doubt that all kinds of bold combinations will appear.

Ladies who are fashion lovers will surely not hesitate to put on some dots and show the world just how stylish they can be. On the other hand, if you don’t feel like attracting too much attention, you can always choose a little bit more discreet items like tights and underwear and enjoy the fact that you are part of the new dot mania. Either way, it is certainly a cute look to be tried on.

Get your Suit on!

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Suits are no longer reserved only for men, women wear them too, and we must say it looks amazing! Suits dominated the runways last year, and it seems like there are not going anywhere. Black, white, with stripes or without them, made of silk or other materials, one thing is for sure, it makes a woman feel sexy and powerful, especially with some Louboutin shoes that will scream power more than anything else.

Accessorize, Accessorize!

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The outfit cannot be complete without some nice accessories that will make the whole look complete. Collar necklaces and hoop hearings are the new hot trend for this year. The hoops will be available in all possible shapes and sizes so you can choose bold, twisted, or tiny, so you can choose any variations you like.

Chunky chains are a huge trend right now, and they’re making a comeback in a great style. There all kinds of variations, so you can choose a bracelet, or if you’re in the mood for it, try on a necklace with two links for making a huge splash. Put on a gold watch, and you will be ready to conquer the world.

Oversized links are dominating the runways, and this trend is here to stay for the coming seasons. They come in all kinds of colors, so you can combine them in various outfits. If you prefer your clothes to be dominated by one color, you can choose a colorful chain to make it pop and attract the looks.

With all these interesting trends, one thing is for sure – we won’t get bored. Trying out different outfits, experimenting with colors, accessories, and various makeup looks, fun is guaranteed. Keep an open mind and remember – fashion is all about making statements, but it is also a great opportunity to play with various styles and simply see what fits your best.