How to Be Funny Around Girls


Men who have a good sense of humor have always attracted women. A young man who is able to cheer up his darling with a witty joke has a serious advantage over the other contenders for the heart of beauty. One of the main reasons why women reject their date often is their lack of humor, being uninteresting or even boring. And that makes sense because why should a girl continue communication with such a guy? To come to for a date and then strain herself by listening to his whining, experiencing awkward pauses and suggest topics for the conversation herself? To avoid such situations and know how to make a woman interested in you using the art of jokes, you will need to learn some tips on how to be funny and open around girls. We have prepared a few for you.

To be successful with women, first practice it with your friends. It is necessary to become the soul of the company, the most welcome guest at any party. To do this, follow a few rules.

5 rules of good humor, provided by experts.

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  • Always laugh at the jokes of others.
  • Only joke if you are sure that you will “hit the target.”
  • All jokes should be told in the usual manner.
  • Do not wait for the reaction. You can smile, but do not cross the line when you joked and was the only one to laugh.
  • Take into account the sense of humor of the people around, their outlook, the level of development, etc., so that you do not have to run away after another funny phrase.

Have you ever wondered how wonderful it is to be cheerful all the time, with people around you thinking that you are a really good person? All that is required from you is to smile, be positive, or control emotions even when you are angry. It needs to be practiced, but it will take a little time, and you will radiate kindness, wherever you are. How to reach it?

  1. Smile and be positive. It will help you be happy even if you have a bad day. A smile will improve your appearance, and people will think that you are a very confident and happy person. If you smile around, they will also feel better! In addition, no one likes when someone imposes their problems.
  2. Start a conversation. Do not be afraid to communicate with people, especially if you want to find a girl for dating. Imagine yourself and then ask the person how the day went. Do not talk only about yourself. Ask questions, ask the person about them, and about their interests.
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  3. Express your thoughts. Do not be afraid to express your opinion even when it is different from the opinion of the person who you are talking to, but at the same time, know the line. The best way to express the opposite thought is to say, “You are right, but I feel that…” Do not agree with people just for them to like you. People respect you for your own thoughts and opinions, especially if they are grounded and well expressed.
  4. Never slander. This will only show your negative side in front of the people. That way you lose confidence. In addition, if you decide to talk about people only in their presence, make it respectful, and do not say anything offensive. Remember, no matter what you say behind a person’s back, they will still know about it, and when this happens, it will be much worse than you would tell them the truth in their face.

Now, let’s talk about what kind of jokes girls like?

Before pretending to be an extremely funny person, a man should first find out which jokes the girls he is dealing with consider really ridiculous, and which ones can deeply disappoint them. For example, many women like their boyfriends to talentedly parody famous personalities or mutual acquaintances. But to some people, such parodies will seem to be offensive or even degrading the dignity of people.

Cute banter over the positive qualities of the beloved is usually perceived by her favorably. A pretty woman feels flattered. Women always appreciate the improvising skills too. Girls love personal jokes related to the relationship in a couple and understandable only for the two of you. Find such jokes to sparkle creativity in front of your loved one.

Which jokes you should better avoid

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Any jokes concerning what the girl is insecure about are an awful idea. This should be, in particular, applied to those concerning some physical features. Women will never appreciate dirty ones. If the guy on the initial stage of the relationship constantly jokes about sex, the girl will consider him an anxious dork.

Guys should avoid jokes that make fun of their lover’s former boyfriends. Girls most often begin to protect their exes, who they were once in love. Trying to cheer up a girlfriend, a guy should remember that she is unlikely to appreciate the “jokes” popular in the men’s company. Some may seem rude, vulgar, and offensive to a young lady.