How to Choose the Best Auto Parts: Choosing a Spoiler


A car is not just a utilitarian means of transportation – it is a masterpiece of engineering art. Designers do their best to make the image of a car harmonic, simultaneously keeping technical requirements in mind and trying to satisfy them. Experienced drivers know that body elements’ damage negatively impacts the car’s appearance and performance efficiency; also, there often arise drawbacks in controllability. Many models are equipped with spoilers even in entry-level cars – for more precise driving. Owners of low-cost automobiles mount them by themselves. However, one issue arises before installation – where to buy a high-quality item?

Benefits of wide spares selection

Most drivers try to minimize time resources needed for automotive repair when they buy a spoiler. It is understandable, as far as the auto should run but not to stand ‘in a dry dock’. So, it often happens so that such hurry, multiplied by saving money, leads to unfortunate results: the component bought at shops or market on the first corner appears to have poor quality or incompatible dimensions. In this situation, a refund (or replacement of the component with the other one) may lead to a conflict between the buyer and the trader.

Customers of large webshops which offer almost any auto parts appear in a more advantageous position. Let us evaluate their benefits through the example of one of such trading sites. When a user searches for spares at boodmo he can be surprised with a huge stock list of offered components – even a single section dedicated to spoilers and deflectors represents over 7000 positions. An assortment of goods for cars in other categories is wide as well (each category is devoted to a separate system: “Engine”, “Suspension” etc.)

Filters allow you not to get lost among such variety. The same again best platform lets you use spare parts fast pick. You select the necessary vendor and model of the car in relevant gaps – and all components intended for this very automobile are displayed within a few seconds (both genuine and aftermarket items).

The search is simplified by the fact that the description of each component is supplemented with specification – a list of modifications it is compatible with. Large shops take everything into consideration (up to the month of production) and do not forget to remind you of their interchangeability. Unification has caused the fact that a range of spares fits various models from different vendors (just to name a few – VW and Skoda, Audi and Seat, Hyundai and KIA).

Apart from entire spoilers, the above-mentioned category also includes:

  • moldings;
  • protective kits;

Online markets highly evaluate customers’ opinion, so they pay special attention to such issues as contacting, shipping and the option of items change. The team is no exception either. They work with the chat round the clock, guarantee swift order shipping to anywhere in India and are ready to negotiate on the purchased item change if it appeared unneeded within a 10-day term (optionally – to refund of the purchase sum after filing a special application form and receiving back the very item).

Let us point out one more important aspect – a large shop of automobile spares guarantees the quality of offered goods (they conduct preliminary ‘before-sale’ testing of all spares parts which arrive in the stock).

When we have learned, where and how to choose auto parts, we should probably get interested in the features of such structural element as a spoiler.

Spoilers’ kinds and practical use

The main objects of a spoiler are to:

  • redirect air counterflows which stream along the body surface;
  • protect the body from dirt and dust;
  • improve car’s controllability;
  • reduce Cx coefficient (factor of aerodynamic resistance) – the lower its rate is, the less fuel car consumes and the higher speed it can reach.

All produced items are divided into several types. Classification by mounting location is the most common one. A spoiler can have a shape of a deflector for the car’s top or bumpers, or a side-skirt. Commonly known rear spoilers are installed on the trunk lid.

Sometimes such automobile accessory is bought to improve a car’s style and make it look like sports cars. Such measures are not always efficient – controllability significantly improves only at speeds of 80-90 km/h and higher. For a usual family auto which often gets into traffic jams, anti-dirt spoilers are more relevant – they protect the car from dust and dirt were thrown from under wheels.

Spoilers are produced from different materials. As for the items of series production, they usually apply:

  1. Fiberglass. Inexpensive, repairable material, also known as glass-reinforced plastic.
  2. ABS plastic. A cheaper variant is peculiar for plasticity and fragility.
  3. Silicon. Has high durability and thermal resistance.
  4. Aluminum and steel. Bearing and side fragments are made of steel, horizontal plate – from aluminum.
  5. Carbon. Rather widely used. Extremely rigid and lightweight, but labor-intensive technology takes a toll on the price – it is significantly higher than for other types.

The latest material is popular in autosport where they lay stress on aerodynamics and downforce. For an average driver, a standard kit would be pretty enough. However, thee exist some intricacies in picking the right spares.

Getting the right spoiler

Practice shows that price remains the key differentiator – automotive market represents a huge variety of different models but setting the range of affordable price is the first thing to do. Moving forward, the items are compared by such parameters as:

  • Whether the tone of the item fits body image). In case you know the VIN code, there can be no errors – it would fit perfectly.
  • Driving style plays the main role here. For unhasting driving stock kit installation would be fully enough, while fast driving enthusiasts would rather prefer a stiffer steel or carbon unit.
  • Mounting location. It means, where the spoiler is intended to be installed, taking into account its dimensions, too.
  • Installation method. Car body repairman knows that installation can be either ‘hard’ or ‘soft’. The former one means drilling body surface, while the latter one understands applying adhesive tape and sealing compound.

The choice of a spoiler is up to the driver’s preferences. However, any driver can consult with professionals to make a more deliberate decision.