How to Convert your 4K Videos for Sharing on Instagram

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Instagram is perhaps the most popular social media platform at the moment and it has opened numerous opportunities for companies to share valuable information with the customers and reach a great number of people through this platform. Sharing images is sometimes simply not enough.

The users want to share the videos as well. Video has enormous potential for companies since they can be used for marketing purposes, but by regular users as well. It is much faster and clearer just to show something interesting that we saw and recorded, then to explain it, talk about it or share an image.

Videos are particularly important for influencers who want to share videos about the skincare routine, cosmetic products, hobbies, fashion and the manicure trends with their followers. There are many influencers who want to upload their travel video the second the record it because they want their followers to be informed about all the news especially when there is an important event going on.

However, the quality of the video matters, but Instagram doesn’t allow videos that are large-sized to be uploaded because that would be too hard to share. Every video must satisfy the requirements set by Instagram and here are few facts about the quality of the videos and what you can do to improve it.

Few quick facts about 4K videos

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Videos with 4K resolution are the ones that have a horizontal display resolution of nearly 4000 pixels. This simple name shows what the user gets and it’s much more than the users had the opportunity to see just a few years back.

We’ve come a long way from a basic TV and camera, so now we have HD and full HD services on Blue-Ray discs, online streaming and on digital TV. Then the technology enabled the users to enjoy a much more detailed image on the screen making it possible to see every detail clearly even on the big screen.

This term is now used for the videos as well and this is the standard that most Instagram members want to provide to their audience. The resolution is four times better than the 1080p HD video.

The IG requirements

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It is quite easy to upload videos on Instagram, but paying attention that the video retains the quality intended is a little bit harder. Staying up to date with all the requirements that Instagram has concerning the videos that can be upload is crucial for all influencers who want to stay on top of things. Here are a few requirements:

– Minimum vertical video dimensions should be 600 x 750

– The vertical aspect ratio should be 4:5

– Video codecs supported by Instagram are H.264, VP8

– Audio codecs supported by Instagram are AAC, Vorbis

– Maximum file size for Instagram should be 4GB

– Recommended and supported formats for Instagram are MOV and MP4

– The length shouldn’t be longer than 60 seconds

– There is no minimum length for Instagram

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Vertical videos have gained massive popularity lately and there definitely worth the attention. The video length for IGTV should be less than 1 minute long. In-feed Instagram videos should be from 3 to 60 seconds long and Instagram should last less than 15 seconds.

Concerning that more than half of consumers were more interested in watching videos than reading content last year, learning how to provide quality videos for followers is very important.

Many companies use Instagram as the main marketing tool for promoting their products, services and delivering news that has value for their customers. The quality is something that shouldn’t be disregarded. This is why it is necessary to have a program that can edit the videos fast so they can be ready for publishing in a short period of time.

Video editing tool

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In order to provide quality videos for your followers, you need a video Processing Software that can help you cut your video and remove all the parts you don’t like. VideoProc is a software that can help you do just that and more. It is easy to use and you will be feeling like a pro in no time.

Sometimes there is a need for merging multiple videos and they can come in different formats or from various gadgets. VideoProc software can help you adjust the length of the video, the speed of the playback, the file extension and the resolution without any issues.

No one wants the distracting portions, right? Well, that can be taken care of. With the video editing software, you will be able to expand or change the aspect ratio to comply with all the requirements of Instagram.

There is also a subtitle option, so you can enable or disable subtitles from a movie or add subtitles to your videos. Pretty cool, right? If you ready to download it, click here

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Instagram always compresses a video uploaded by the user with the intention of making loading easier. However, that makes their part of work easier, but won’t help you achieve your goal. Their compressing will ruin your video and this is something you should absolutely avoid.

By compressing it yourself, you can control the quality, effects and the end product you want to present to your followers. VideoProc software can help you resize your video, convert their video into the supported formats for Instagram, change the video resolution without any loss of quality and also get GPU acceleration so you can process your videos fast.

The process is very easy. You need to download the software and then choose the option you want. If you want to downscale or upscale the video resolution before you uploaded it to Instagram, maybe you can start with compressing your 4K video to 1080p.

The tests have shown so far that this type of conversion gives the best results. If you’re not sure how to do that, simply click the blue gear and choose the resolution settings where you can choose 1920×1080. Pretty simple, right?