How to Find the Best Mediation Services for Family Disputes

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If you are going through a messy divorce and are locked in an epic battle with your ex over issues like child custody or the division of property, you might consider taking them to court. However, is this really the best option and have you considered alternatives?

It could prove better for you to engage a provider of professional mediation services so that you can address your family law dispute in a quick and painless way. However, it’s not always easy to find a reputable provider – and this is especially true if you are already dealing with a lot of stress and are close to breaking point.

To make the process of engaging mediation services a little bit easier for you, check out the following tips.

1. Look at online reviews and testimonials

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The best place to look for mediation services is the internet, and you can use the power of the internet to compare several different firms until you find one that suits you. In particular, pay attention to any reviews and testimonials you can find for the firm to determine what real people think about them and what their work ethic is like.

The business may say one thing on their website, but if the reviews you find tell a different story then you probably want to avoid that firm. Ideally, you want to go with a provider of mediation services that has a lot of positive feedback from people who are sincerely grateful that they were able to get help with a lengthy and emotionally draining dispute.

2. See what their facilities are like

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The place where mediation services are conducted is just as important as the people who conduct it and therefore you should try to ascertain the quality of their facilities. Ideally, space should have computer access, a printer and perhaps even a whiteboard or projector for the purpose of demonstration.

It isn’t just stationary office supplies you need to look for – you need to ensure the room is a comfortable space you can relax in front of your ex in. If the environment feels claustrophobic or otherwise unpleasant to you, it won’t assist in the progress of your negotiations and may indeed invoke hostility.

Check the see what the quality of their facilities is before you start spending your money. You don’t want to end up paying for mediation services to find out they are totally inadequate when you arrive.

3. What kind of disputes have they dealt with in the past?

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Naturally, you want to engage in mediation services from a provider who has experience dealing with a dispute similar in nature to yours. While no family law issue is going to be identical, the circumstances are often similar and past solutions other ex-couples have used could be a good launching point for your own arrangement.

According to, sometimes a dispute you think is far too complex and acrimonious to solve is actually trivial when compared to another dispute that mediation services were able to address. You need to keep an open mind during this process and be open to creative problem-solving.

As you can see, there’s plenty to think about when you’re out looking for a provide of mediation services you can trust and rely on to help you through your family law dispute.