How to pay for your young driver insurance for less? 

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Have you just got your license or are you anticipating the choice of young driver insurance? For each need its own formula, then prove to your parents that you manage the administrative procedures and that you know how to ensure yourself cheaper. Because yes, taking out insurance is expensive… But how can you not pay? According to, here are the 5 essential points to help you!

  1. Declare yourself a second driver

If you have just obtained the old pink sheet and as a bonus the pretty little car that goes with it, you are certainly looking for the best way to insure yourself. The first thing that comes to mind then is to turn to your dedicated parents, who will be quick to ensure you as a secondary driver and take out insurance on their behalf.

On parental insurance, is it advantageous?

Taking out young driver insurance on your parents’ car forces them to accumulate your penalties since you will be attached to the same vehicle and as a bonus, you will not receive the bonuses to which you would have been entitled if you had insured yourself. But you have to admit that it will cost you much less all year round. It’s up to you to calculate if it’s profitable in the long term.

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  1. Accompanied driving

If you have benefited from accompanied driving before the driving test, you will receive a huge discount on the extra premium applied by insurers from the first year of driving. In addition, insurance companies will have more confidence in you, since they will rely on the road experience you have acquired during this period.

  1. Use loyalty to negotiate prices

Your parents are good drivers, and what’s more, they’ve been faithful to the same insurance for many years? Now is the time for you to lobby insurers to negotiate a decent young license insurance contract, and especially with a nice discount! Arm yourself with your best arguments and you may have a chance to see prices go down.

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  1. Buy a used car

To prevent the risk of damage, opt for a used car. Already because it’s a good way to practice your hand and especially because it allows you to ensure it to the third party! Which is riskier for a new car. The age of the car also counts: an older vehicle with a lot of kilometers on the meter will cost you less.

  1. Opt for third-party car insurance

Third-party insurance is the most appropriate way to reduce the invoice. But be careful, only liability is covered, unlike the all-risk formula, which is the most expensive. However, you will not benefit from the glass breakage coverage, which allows your insurer to cover damage to the glass surfaces of your car, such as the windshield, rear window, side windows and some even including mirrors and lights.

As a young driver, it is imperative to insure yourself at least to the third party so that damage caused to others is covered.

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You are now sufficiently prepared to negotiate and find a cheap car insurance policy. If you were wondering how much it costs to insure yourself, you could see for yourself that it is expensive enough! It’s up to you to be smart enough to accumulate as many tips as possible and get the best services at reduced rates! So, ready to sign the best car insurance contract?