How to Wear Men’s Loafers With Style – 2024 Guide

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Men’s loafers are always on trend because they look stunning. But when it comes to styling them, people often get confused. Now, you don’t have to worry. We have prepared this article to give you some tips on wearing them correctly.

Some people make mistakes while styling their loafers with their outfits. It happens because they lack knowledge. If you are also in a similar situation, you must know everything about loafers and stylish ways to wear them. Every type of shoe is different and provides a different look. It is one of the reasons why you need to focus on trendy styles and look great in all the outfits.

You will find various types of loafers in the market, and all of them are used for different purposes. It is crucial to learn about them to see which one is best for which occasion and look good with which outfit. Once you understand these things, it will be easier to decide while going out on a special occasion.

Your footwear matters a lot in every outfit. It improves your overall look. So, you need to be careful about what you are wearing and why. Let’s talk more about styling loafers with different outfits without further ado.

What are the methods to wear loafers and style them with different outfits?

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As we mentioned before, loafers look classy with some outfits. The only thing you need to know is the right ways to style it with them. Here are some points that might be beneficial to consider.

  • Style it with your casuals: Casuals always look great when styled with loafers. But you have to take care of certain things before deciding on the same. You should also think about the type and color of your loafers. You might think that they will not make much of a difference. Well, you’re mistaken. A slight mistake can create huge problems with your overall look. If you want to wear loafers with casuals, it is better to get a pair of penny ones. They look fantastic with almost every type of outfit. Casuals and penny loafers are a perfect combination that you can consider while going out on occasion or meeting up with friends. They will improve your overall look after you add penny loafers.  If we talk about other types of loafers, like the tassel, you might have to make your outfit a bit unique. You can wear tight trousers or jeans with a blazer to complete the look. The color of the blazer and jeans should also be well-combined to make your face flawless.
  • Choose dark color loafers with minimal details: Another thing you should always take care of is styling the dark color loafers with a proper suit. This look will be suitable for a wedding or any other informal occasion. Dark color loafers are better than light ones for many reasons. The first thing is that they don’t get dirty frequently. If you want to buy darker color loafers from, you can research for the same before deciding on anyone. You should never style a proper coat and pants with a tie along with loafers. People who have tried this method are pretty funny and weird.
  • Shorts might be an option: Summers are for wearing different outfits. Simultaneously, you should also focus on the footwear you will wear. If you have decided on loafers, you should wear loafers without socks. Wearing socks with shorts might make your outfit poor. So, you should avoid them at any cost. But wearing it without socks will make your look pretty impressive. Apart from that, you can also get a nice pair of glasses to complete your summer look. Trust us; this outfit will be one of the best ones for you.
  • Buy basic colour loafers to look more classy and unique: Sometimes, people think they should get loafers other than black or brown. It is just a misconception. You should always prefer brown or black loafers instead of different colors. Why? It is because you can match black and brown loafers with any outfit without thinking much.

Should you wear socks with your loafers?

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It is one of the most common questions that people ask. You should consider these points before deciding whether to wear them or not-

  • The style is not trendy: Loafers with socks are not fashionable enough to follow. So, it depends on you if you want to try something different other than this. But nowadays, it is not in trend.
  • Style it with proper formals: You can wear socks with loafers if your overall outfit is formal. It will not look odd like in other outfits. However, you can also consider wearing them with formals without any socks.
  • Pattern and color of your socks also matter: If you want to wear socks with loafers, you should not avoid selecting the right color and design according to your outfit. So, choose wisely. Otherwise, you will regret your decision later on.

What are the most popular types of loafers available in the market?

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When it comes to choosing a particular type of loafers, you have to learn about the famous ones

  • Penny: The most popular type of loafers is the penny. It looks fashionable, unique, and classy on casual and semi-formal outfits. You can buy these loafers if you want to use them regularly.
  • Horsebit: Horsebit is another type of loafer well-known for its design. It might give you rich vibes after you wear them. You can style these loafers with casual or semi-formal outfits. They are suitable for the summer and spring seasons.
  • Tassel: You might have already heard about Tassel. Its design differs from the other two that we have explored before. The material used to make Tassel loafers is also additional.

The Bottom Line

Loafers are helpful in many ways as they are versatile. However, when it comes to styling, you have to take care of some things. We hope you have now understood everything about it and found this article.