How Should you Ignite the Flame in Your Relationship?

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Long-distance relationships are tough to handle and continue. Many lovers commit to keep their relationship together but end up in break up due to long-distance. So, many start to believe that living in a long-distance relationship is impossible, but nothing is impossible; your determination to keep it together matters the most. Even if you feel lost, you need to back it up by giving full support. So, even if both of you feel lost in another state or country, you need to ignite the flame back. It is possible if both of you try it and save your relationship from getting doomed.

It is time for you to start a new way to make your relationship successful. You can try out various methods to make your girl fall in love with you again.  But since you are far from each other, you need to use new and creative ways to surely attract her and make her love you more and miss you less. You can use some of these methods to flame up your relationship. They are as follows:

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● Write love letters

The best way to express one’s love is by writing letters. People loved to write letters to their beloved from ancient times, and they used to send them by birds or messengers as time improved post offices were made, and now we have emails, but still getting a handwritten letter is always special for people.

If you write a letter to your lover, she or he will cherish it all the time. Letters are exceptional gifts. Rather than writing emails or chats, write a letter to her, whenever she will feel lost or sad, reading your letter will give her immense comfort. It will assure her that how much she is important to you.

● Use the new features on a video call

You can video call your mate and talk with her for hours. As you cannot see her in front of you, video calling her is the best option to feel her presence. The video calls nowadays have improved a lot. The pictures are very clear, and you can see her clear face. Even you can enhance the resolution of the video call.

The invention of video calling has given a boon to the lives of all long-distance lovers. You can download the app on your mobile phone and call her any time of the day or night and talk for long hours. Many companies charge less for video calls nowadays. Hence you can talk for long hours without getting your connection cut.

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● Play online games

Online games have become popular amongst all generations. People love online games, and their features of calling or chatting while playing games have made it easier to couple up in the game. You can make room for your lover and play the games on the platform. It can be an exciting date night for both of you.

You can also add your friends and play games, video call or voice call one another and give instructions while playing games together. This can be very enthralling for all of you.

● Invite friends and spent a fantastic evening

You can call for a virtual party night with all your friends. All you can chat for a long time, play amazing games like Pictionary or online games together. You can also try out the new drinking games together. So stalk up all the foods in your refrigerator and have a fantastic virtual party night with your friends.

● Check out the adult websites.

To fire up your relationship, you can take your partner to visit some of the hot and sizzling adult websites like It can be a very fun night for both of you.

As your relationship is becoming dull day after day, and both of you cannot handle it, then you can try out this method and make your night scintillating and thrilling.

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● Play music and read books together

If you want to spend a quiet and peaceful time with your lover, both of you can try out listening to your favorite songs and also start a book club of two. There you can read out all your favorite books together and recite poems from books or plays.

You can also try out the voice apps to record your voices together, merge them and listen to them as if you are together and reading a book together.  You can read the books so that it is as if you are playing a part in the play. It is fascinating to spend an evening together.

● Watch movies and drama

You can subscribe to the entertainment website and watch dramas or movies together. You can make your rooms dark, and video call each other and play a movie, or you can start a watch party where you can chat and watch the film. Many entertainment websites give these options nowadays. It will make you feel like you are watching a movie in the theatres together. You can also add your friends to the watch party and have an exciting evening.

How can a long-distance relationship help you to understand yourself?

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It is essential to understand how you feel without your lover and spend your time with people. You need to know what your choices are when you are alone. A long-distance relationship will help you understand what you want and how you want to lead your life. It will help you to self-evaluate yourself and know your needs. When you are with everyone, you are in a protected environment, and as you go out, you can understand what is right and what is wrong for you.


The best way to keep yourselves together is by sticking to each other. Even though you are far from your lover, talking about one another’s life is the best way to be together. Trusting each other and knowing about one another’s interests is important to survive in long-distance relationships.