Ivanka Trump Won’t Test For Corona Virus, Despite Being Exposed To It Days Before

Image source: news.com.au

Peter Dutton, the Australian home affairs minister announced Friday he had tested positive for the coronavirus. He immediately contacted the Health Department and checked himself in the hospital.

Just days before Peter Dutton visited the US for the global conference to discuss child exploitation. On March 5th Dutton tweeted a photo with, among others, Ivanka Trump who is an advisor in her father’s Donald Trump administration. Also in the picture, to Ivanka Trump’s right, is Attorney General William Barr, and also pictured is UK security minister James Brokenshire. Chad Wolf, Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security also attended the event.

Dutton was tested positive a full week after traveling to the US. Corona virus is most contagious when the symptoms appear, but it can also be contracted beforehand.

It was left without answer whether Ivanka Trump and William Barr were tested. Donald Trump was not tested despite the fact that he met with Brazillian official who tested positive for COVID-19.