Jennifer Aniston’s Net Worth In 2024 Is Staggering

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Jennifer Aniston has accumulated an abundance of wealth, thanks to her stunning appearances in TV sitcoms and movies. The 51-year-old star has a net worth of $240 million. A huge portion of Jennifer’s fortune comes from her decade-long role as Rachel Green on “Friends”, wherein the final season she was paid $1.25 million per episode.

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Aniston also makes a lot of money through endorsement deals with Smart Water, Living Proof, Eyelove, L’Oreal, Aveeno Skincare, and Emirates Airlines. She got $5 million only from the airline company, so all the deals combined are probably well over $10 million per year, easily.

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As far as movie paychecks go she has amassed around $75 million. Her average going rate for a movie is $8 million. The biggest movie deal she got to date was in 2011’s “Just Go With It,” earning a hefty $10 million.