Jesse James Returns for “Monster Garage” Reboot

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“Monster Garage” aired on Discovery channel from 2002 to 2006, launching Jesse James to stardom as a reality TV entrepreneur. Now, 14 years later, he is back for the reboot.

“It’s crazy to think my relationship with Discovery Channel started exactly 20 years ago. After all this time I’m still excited to step into the Monster Garage. Excited to work hard and push the limits again. Showing people what you can do with teamwork, skills and a refusal to quit” James, 50, said in a statement.

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West Coast Choppers founder now lives in Austin, TX where he still runs his vehicle customization business. Also, he is the owner of the custom gun venture called Jesse James Firearms Unlimited.

Jesse married Sandra Bullock in 2005 whom he met on the set of “Monster Garage”. They divorced in 2010 after Jesse’s embarrassing cheating scandal. As of now, he is married to his fourth wife, and is a father of three kids, two with his first wife, and one with the second.

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Recently he excitedly announced that his daughter Chandler is expected to give birth to a daughter next month: “Soooooo do you remember that little blonde girl from Motorcycle Mania???? You know the one that thought she was a way better skipper than me?? Well my little girl Chandler is 25 Now! Annnnd expecting a baby due next month. ANNND It’s a Girl!!!! And And I’m gonna be a grandpa. Whoa Damn I just said that out loud! Time flys!”