New Phone Call Has Leaked. Who’s Lying? Taylor Swift Or Kanye West?

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Kanye West and Taylor Swift discussed the lyrics to his 2016 track “Famous” over the phone, which was famously caught on camera by Kim Kardashian and later shared with the public to expose Taylor’s hypocrisy, has leaked in full.

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The lines, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/Why? I made that b*tch famous” caused quite the stir, and Taylor whined about it profusely. Kim Kardashian shared part of the phone call in which Kanye first told Taylor about the song, exposing Taylor for lying about not knowing that she would be mentioned on it. Here are the original clips of the phone call that Kim leaked back in 2016.

Taylor maintained that she only knew about the “sex” line and not the “b*tch” part.

The full conversation between Kanye and Taylor has leaked online after all these years, and it turns out Taylor wasn’t lying after all. Kanye never told her that he’ll be referring to her as “that b*tch”. Do you think Kanye is guilty? Did Kim Kardashian leak the conversation again?