Keeping Your Dog Cool In The Summer: Tips For Ventilation And Shade In Your Kennel


The approaching summertime is the best escape from freezing winters and brings an exciting vibe for everyone. People see summer through various lenses, from flowy clothes to picnics around the lovely sea breeze. But your beloved pets might not see the summer season as you do.

The hairy creatures have many things to handle, from sweating to panting and the constant need for water. As much as the single-dog kennels seem the best option, you must do certain settings in your backyard so your little pup does not face the sun’s wrath. Here’s how you should do it.

  • Shift The Dog’s Home Into The Shade

The first change you should make is to shift your kennel into the shade in your backyard to ensure your dog has a comfortable summer season. If you have trees in your backyard, you can comfortably place the hut there. It is an optimal spot during summer. Also, you can keep moving the kennel daily to ensure that the extra rays stay out of touch with the kennel.

Also, if your backyard receives direct sun rays, you can consider shifting the dog’s home in the garage. Also, if you wish to create more shade, you can do it with the help of a tarp or a cotton cloth. It helps filter out the direct sun rays and keeps the kennel cooler.

  • Ventilation Outside

The next thing that you should do is ensure that the kennel has proper ventilation. If you are considering going for an outdoor dog kennel for your pet, you can speak to the manufacturers and choose to have a closable roof vent. If that is not available, you can choose a kennel that comes with inbuilt holes for ventilation purposes.

However, if you already have an outdoor kennel, you can use the things at your home to create holes in the kennel that ensure ventilation. You can use sharp objects if the kennel is made of wood.

The presence of the holes ensures that there is essential airflow inside and outside of the kennel. The heat no longer traps inside the kennel, which can make the place uncomfortable for pets in the scorching heat.

  • Insulation Inside

When catering to the outside needs to ensure that the kennel stays cool in the summer, you must also do some alterations on the inside. You can install insulation in the kennel that helps prevent excess heat absorption. You can use foam panels for insulation, which is perfect for summers and winters. It protects from heat and cold.

Also, you can use a layer of wood to cover the foam so that the insulation is maintained to a better degree and also keep your dog away from damaging the foam surface.

  • Cooling Pads

If these options don’t feel enough and your dog belongs to a breed that cannot bear the harsh summer sun even for a second, you must take an extra step. The self-cooling pads are a great option. You can keep them inside and outside the dog’s home. The pads are handy and can emerge to be a lifesaver for your dog especially when they want to have a comfortable and cool sleep inside the dog’s home when the temperature is rising outside.

The pads come with a gel material covering. Also, they are covered with a cotton-like fabric so the overall piece is cool in itself.

It is a simple step and works like an asset to maintain the cool temperature in summers. The pads will get dirty so you can wash them easily. There won’t be any damage and no high-maintenance costs, too.

  • How About A Misting System

If you are reading this term for the first time, you should know its meaning. Misting systems are known as a series of specially mist nozzles placed in a line and cover the perimeter of the area where they are placed. The system is connected to a high-pressure misting pump, forcing water through the nozzles. It helps control dust and reduces the place’s moisture levels.

You can install this system outside the hut that helps cool the kennel and reduce the moisture content in and around the kennel. Along with the dog, you and your family can also benefit from it. You can place the system close to the kennel, as the water droplets will remove the dust particles and keep the air surrounding the sog’s home moisture-free. Also, the dog’s breathing patterns improve, especially when it gets hot and humid.

  • Water Sprinkles

When everything gets beyond your control, the garden hose can greatly help. You can hose down the kennel with this equipment. When the water evaporates from the top of the kennel, it will help remove the hot air away from the roof that has accumulated over there.

Also, the vents of the kennel should not be open every time. Also, you should see no rogue holes, especially on the roof. It is because the presence of these holes will create a high temperature inside the kennel, which will further lead your dog to have other issues like sweating, redness, and irritation due to harsh weather conditions.

Also, you can keep your backyard cool with the help of the garden hose. It will indirectly help the pet’s kennel stay cool.

  • Consider Upgradations

When you have done everything in your capacity but still think there is scope for more, you can consider upgrading the dog’s home. The newly made kennels are designed with facilities that help secure the dog’s condition in the summer. They come with cooling and heating pads that work well for both seasons.

So, when you are visiting the market for a hut upgrade, you should consider your dog’s size and the facilities that can help the dog enjoy summers in full swing.



The summer season is a fun time, and it should be enjoyable for your pet, too. But they have different mechanisms and need extra care and attention in the summer. When you cater to their living conditions, you are reducing the risks of their health issues in the summer. You should also feed your dog cool things like water and yogurt. Further, you should ensure that your dog is well-hydrated.