Laser Cutting Machine Wood The Laser Pecker 2


Laser Cutting Machine Wood (Laser Packer 2) has a modestly sized, battery-powered laser engraver whose creator claims it can operate for up to 200 minutes without a mains supply.

You can move desktop laser engravers from A to B. It is possible to move from home to the workplace and vice versa with some work, but many engraving machines are not portable as they require a power outlet.

With the addition of a 3rd-axis motorized roller, you can use the LaserPecker 2 laser engraver to engrave cylindrical shapes in addition to flat materials like wood, cardboard, and leather.

The LaserPecker 2 is said to engrave at a speed of 600 mm/s and fits a 5 W diode laser into its small frame. Here we’ve compiled the information you need about this exciting product.

Moveable engraving machine

The main advantage is that it is portable. The laser pecker2 can engrave wood, whatever material you want. When you need to crave something, you can pop it out, but remember, do not look at the Laser when you use it. It can harm your eyes.

Amazingly, the little laser pecker 2 also contains a little handle in its design, and you can hold it and move It accordingly to engrave.

A small desktop laser engraving tool called LaserPicker 2 is ideal. Within minutes, your imagination will be in your possession. Press the button to create beautiful gifts for your friends, innovative products for sale, or something made especially for you. It’s perfect for embellishing, engraving, or personalizing your cute little trinkets.

It is portable and has a power bank charging option. Also, it has Bluetooth connectivity and is very easy to use with the program. You can enjoy engraving to your heart’s content using a laser selector.

A smartphone uses Bluetooth to control it. Four engraving styles are available in the program, including directly importing photos, text, drawings, or paintings. Other file types, including G-code, BMP, PNG, and JPG, are supported. Vector and photo files are also accepted.

Improved speed

According to LaserPecker 2, the new machine is nearly ten times faster than the first generation, allowing for significantly quicker engraving. It can engrave at a maximum speed of 600 mm/s, which is okay.

Laser power

It is challenging to fit a powerful laser into a small battery-powered body. With a 5W laser, the LaserPecker 2, you won’t be able to engrave hard or thick materials, but you should be able to do some cool things with soft, thin materials.

Variety of materials

This Laser could be more powerful, with 5W output and battery power. Metal, dark glass, colored ceramics, wood, bamboo, leather, paper, food (yes, it’s food safe), plastic, acrylic, stone, cement, bone, and engraved with the LaserPecker2.

Given the power of the Laser, the Laser Pecker 2 can only engrave certain coatings on these materials.

The laser cutter can cut materials less than 5mm, including wood, paper, acrylic, and leather.

The 5W Laser used in the laser packer can engrave and mark most materials but needs to be more powerful to cut many materials. Ultimately, small format engraving projects are where the LaserPecker 2 excels. It’s ideal if you need to work on surfaces or outdoors.

laser pecker battery life

If so, that’s great because it means you won’t have to worry about power outages when carving away from your office or whatever you have as your designated carving location. Refer to The Laser Pecker 2 charges even after 200 minutes on a full charge.

The most cost-effective choice is the LaserPecker 2


Another great Tumblr-compatible laser engraver that’s affordable is called the LaserPecker 2. It has a rotary module that can work on leather, metal, and wood. This engraver can operate at 36000 mm/min with an accuracy rate of 0.05 mm.

What has changed in LaserPecker 2?

These are the key distinguishing features that have made the Laser Picker 2 at the top of our list of lasers.

It offers a 60W laser that is cheaper than the Xtool D1 Pro. A 60W laser also adds life to the carving.

Printing speed is faster than other comparable printers in the same price range. Up to 36,000 mm can be engraved per minute.

The dual galvanometer is another feature of the laser picker that speeds up the engraving process. A dual galvanometer enables the beam to operate without interruption.

Switching between slab and trolley modes is easy, which helps extend the engraving length.

Installation is optional to work for owners who enjoy plug-and-play.

Finally, it offers laser engraving with a resolution of up to 2K.

More Advantages of Laser Pecker 2

  • It is cheap and suitable for casual users.
  • A plastic hood shields laser beams and other hazards that require a shield.
  • Laserpacker software is easy to use.
  • Because it’s so tiny, the LaserPecker 2 uses many materials, including bamboo, glass, aluminum, leather, wood, and plastic.
  • Additionally, one battery can power the device for up to 200 minutes, but the cost of the battery is high.
  • It can handle complex shapes thanks to its auxiliary extension.
  • Bluetooth communication is supported.


• Since it is a diode laser, it is less efficient than a CO2 laser. It is a diode laser, so it has some drawbacks.

• Less durable than Xtool D1 Pro.

• Not suitable for business owners or professionals who handle a lot of shipments.

  • The work area is smaller than the Xtool D1 Pro, which prevents large materials from being engraved.
  • There is no associated flame arrester or air filter.
  • There is no attached camera for edge detection.
  • Large tumblers should not be used in the work area, while small alloy mags work well there.