Leading An Eco-Friendly Business: What is The Advantage For The Brand?

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Billions of tons of waste fill landfills every year, and as time goes by it becomes a global concern as society is becoming increasingly conscious of the environment. As a result, many people are shifting their way of thinking as well as how they live with more sustainable practices. This also became one of the reasons why companies have been focusing on the rising demand for eco-friendly products from their customers.

One of the things that are really becoming a concern for the environment is goods packaging. Usage of packaging can be found anywhere. We use it for our takeaway lunch, groceries products, home appliances, and many others.

This plastic and other artificial materials have the potential to pollute the environment and at the same time could also have negative effects on our health. This way it’s important to use better practices and materials for packaging goods. Many brands are purposefully switching to eco-friendly packaging in consideration of the rapidly increasing plastic pollution.

Read on to find the advantage of leading a sustainable business and its impact on the brand as a whole!

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According to a survey done by Tandberg, more than half of consumers worldwide said they prefer to buy from a company with a strong reputation for protecting the environment. This shows that a company will draw in a lot of customers if it markets itself as being responsible for the environment and providing eco-friendly products. Consumers are likely to choose brands if they make their sustainability credentials apparent on their packaging and in their marketing.

Sustainable packaging will also enhance the perception of your brand. When customers can trust your brand to support the environment, they tend to purchase goods from you and recommend it to their relatives and friends. Brand owners should be concerned about adding sustainable materials into their packaging and show the public the transparency about their product lifecycle management.

Consumer Interest

The demographic of individuals who support the pro-environment movement is growing as people become more aware of the effects of being careless to the environment. Despite being a well-intentioned effort, protecting the environment has also become popular, therefore businesses who market themselves as a green business will appeal to this rapidly expanding market. As a result, it improves your chances of drawing in more customers and building a sizable clientele.

Increases Sales for your Brand

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Leading your brand to be more eco-friendlier will help to raise your brand awareness and market interest in choosing to buy from you. This strategy will be great to help you boost sales. By marketing your brand as a more sustainable option that helps to reduce carbon footprints, you indirectly make your company attractive to customers.

Government Policy

Being more environmentally conscious is not merely a current trend. There is a potential that government regulations could go into force to urge businesses to use eco-friendly packaging. You can end up saving money in the long run if you decide to do it sooner than later.


There is a misconception about turning business into more sustainable. Many people think that it will cost a company more money when on the contrary it proves to be quite cost-effective. Reducing the amount of materials utilized can result in lower manufacturing costs, and lower shipping costs.

See? There are so many advantages to building or shifting into an eco-friendly business. You might wonder what you can do to make sure that your business is sustainable? What is the simple step you can take to first start?

You think that building an eco-friendly business is hard and confusing. Only giving headaches and anxiety before you even start, Well you thought wrong! It will only be confusing if you think so. There are tons of ways you can do to make your business sustainable for the planet. Here are some of the simplest things you can do, but guarantee can help to reduce carbon footprint and thus help to keep our earth safe and protected.

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Since the pandemic took place, everything in the world has shifted, including the mode of work which doesn’t bind us to the desk at the office for hours. Though slowly but surely the world is back to normal, remote working has become the “it thing” that chooses to stay. Many companies implement this as their work setting. They allowed their staff to work from anywhere around the work.

This happened because people are discovering that remote working is actually much easier, and also promotes productivity. Modern technology such as zoom or google meet also allows us to keep in touch with the team by doing online meetings; we don’t have to drive to certain places to catch up.

This made employees who work remotely can help to cut carbon emissions because they don’t have to commute anymore. They can just do the meeting and discussion wherever they want.

Avoid In Using Paper

The percentage of paper in all municipal garbage is roughly around 23%, and around 28 million hectares of forest have been lost every year, since 2016. Paper was made from a tree, wasting paper means we waste our precious tree. This is why it is important for companies to switch from physical documents to electronic forms.

Not only will it keep your data safe from any potential loss or damage, but it will also help to avoid deforestation. Keep in mind that electronic apps and cloud networks have replaced paper-based inventories, this will increase business productivity, and support sustainable living. This is guaranteed to be one of the most effective methods to shift your business to be more eco-friendly.

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Use of reusable items

Reusable products are preferred by the environmentalist, and for any retail business that wishes to go green -this could be a particular strategy to implement. This will help to increase brand awareness -especially among people who love going green, and at the same time also help to put a stop to adding even more waste in landfills.

Nowadays, people are seeking ways to positively impact the environment without making drastic changes in their lifestyles. And choosing the product that markets itself as a more eco-friendly option is one of the ways.

Thus why it is important for companies to start thinking about how to utilize materials that have less of an impact on the environment, because it’s likely that consumers will continue to adopt more sustainable habits.

One company that promotes a healthy environment is My Own Water. Aluminum water bottles can be used as a replacement for plastic water bottles. Aluminum is way safer for the environment than plastic, and its price is not as expensive as one might think. So it could be a wonderful choice for a beverage company to finally switch their packaging for a more healthy friendly one. For more info check out https://www.myownwater.com/.