9 Tips to Make Bath Fun for your Kids – 2024 Guide

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Bath time should be a fun, enjoyable, and relaxing experience for you and your kids. Sometimes, however, it can turn into quite a challenge keeping your kids entertained and in the same spot for a long enough time to get through bath time without too much noise, tantrums, or bickering.

Kids should look forward to bath time as a time in the day to have some fun and get creative whilst, most importantly, also getting clean. It should never be a time that either you or your kids dread and rush through for it to be over as quickly as possible.

mommiesbuy.com, suggests that there are several ways to make bath time the best time of day with loads of fun activities and quality bonding time between you and your kids and for that, you need the right equipment.

Introduce new products

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Create some excitement at bath time by introducing your kids to some brand new kid-friendly products that will both clean their skin and hair, whilst giving them a brand new fresh smell for them to enjoy. Whether it’s a new shampoo, condition, or body wash, a shiny new product is sure to create some new thrill in the daily cleaning process. Check murphysbeauty.co.uk for more details and great bath products for kids.

Bath bubbles and bath bombs

Let’s face it, a bath isn’t really complete without a few bubbles or a great bath bomb to take your bath to the next level. Imagine the amazement on your kid’s face as they see their tub filled with foam bubbles for them to swish around in, or an explosive colored bath bomb to turn the water into a multicolored pool of fun. Just one bomb and a few hours of fun are guaranteed!

Play imaginary games

Use these bubbles to help in creating some imaginary and pretend games with your kids. You can pretend to play hairdressers, or create makeshift icebergs and mountains with the foam to steer around. Take the lead and then leave the rest up to your kids to encourage their imagination.

Get singing

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We all know how much a bathroom can be the perfect place to belt out your favorite tunes, whether it’s in the shower or during a skincare routine. Get singing with your kids in the bath! Sing their favorite nursery rhymes with them or practice any new tunes that you’ve heard recently together on the radio – it can be a great bonding experience while fine-tuning those vocal cords!

Use it for storytime

A lot of parents wait until their kids are tucked in bed to have storytime, but shift it to bath time and get their favorite novels out to read to them while they’re in the tub. Not only does it create a serene and quiet atmosphere, but it also keeps their mind stimulated to not get too bored when sitting in the bath. Just be careful they don’t fall asleep and you end up having to carry them out of the tub!

Introduce different objects

Bath time can be a great opportunity to introduce your child to different shaped objects, such as containers and filling tubes. It gives them a chance to fill up various sized Tupperware and measuring jugs with water then empty them out, which can turn into quite the fun and stimulating bath game you didn’t know you needed.

Play the floating game

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You can use these same objects to play the floating game with your kids. Ask your child whether they think certain objects will float or sink in the bath. Not only does it get them thinking, but it creates a sense of anticipation and excitement as to ‘will it, won’t it.’ You can even use various bath toys and turn them into a lucky-dip style game for added excitement and fun.

Unleash their inner artist

Get creative with your kids with some bath paints and crayons. They’re perfect for unlocking their imaginations and inner artist, just be wary to keep the paint inside the bath and things don’t get too messy with colors ending up all over the walls. This is a really great creative activity that can make bath time go by really quickly with some great final pieces by the end of it.

Feed them some snacks

This may be a last resort kind of option, but feeding them some water-friendly snacks such as grapes or any other mini, solid goods can be a good way to keep them in the tub for longer. It is also a great way to keep their mouths engaged to keep noise levels low. Just be super careful when feeding them directly, the worst thing would be spending your evening fishing out lost pieces from the drain.

Join them!

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There’s nothing more exciting than mum or dad joining in the bath time fun! Even if you have more than one child and it’s a bit of a tight squeeze, see the fun in it and have some joint fun in the water. You can splash about, ride the waves or row, row, row your boat through bath time. Some joint family fun never went a miss!

Whatever activity or tools you choose to include in bath time, remember it’s a time to look forward to, rather than dread, and try to rush through to get to bedtime. It’s a great way to bond with your kids and an opportunity to create some fun whilst forming some long-lasting memories. Before you know it they’ll be big and independent enough to bathe themselves and bath time will no longer be a daily routine, so make the most of it while you still can!