Make Sure To Do These Things To Prepare Your Car For Sale

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So, it’s finally time to bid adieu to one of your most prized possessions…

No matter how firm and strong you are on your decision, letting go of your old car is hard. Here, we’re not only talking about the emotional aspect associated with it but also the practicality.

Selling your old car may altogether seem daunting. There are so many protocols to consider and too much paperwork to do. That being said, please take note that there are no shortcuts to it. For additional information, click here.

But, fret not!

The process need not be complicated as we have enlisted all the things you need to consider well before. Keep them in mind and be rest assured of a profitable result.

  • Conduct a proper market research

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First of all, you need to have a clear picture of the worth of your car. For this, you need to know its: mileage, overall condition, specific features, changes, issues (if any), etc.

Now, compare it with the prices of other similar car models of the same year. You can get an idea of it from any of the auto portals. This is one of the best ways to determine the average price range of your vehicle.

P.S. Do remember that the market operates differently for different vehicles. So, do not compare your vehicle to that of a different kind.

  • Do not skip the inspection

Before you actually hit the market to sell your old car, find out whether it is ready for sale or not. Do it by getting your car thoroughly inspected by a professional.

This way you come across minor and major faults and fixtures that need to be taken care of. Invest in them, get them fixed, and be assured of getting a good price for your car.

Your prospective buyers shall be impressed with a good health record if your vehicle!

Plus, your mind too shall be at peace as you will be sure that the buyer won’t fumingly knock your door weeks later due to a certain breakdown that took place in the car.

  • Getting repairs fixed is definitely worth it

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As you get your car inspected, you are certain to come across various faults that might need assistance.

If your car has enormous dents or scratches, don’t step back from getting those fixed as they too are one of the culprits of a lower price quoted by the buyers.

Also, the car area they’re at also has a role to play. Like for instance, there are dents and scratches either at the doors or bumper or at the lower rim of your car. All of these are very noticeable so you must get them fixed.

Additionally, check if any other component needs to be repaired like broker car handles or headlights or mirrors or if your music system is facing some sort of issues. In case you need a new headlights, you can check the sites such as Lights Pick and check some great LED headlights and similar.

Believe us, such observable faults automatically lower down the value of your asset in the eyes of the prospective buyer. So, you might want to get all such faults repaired as these are worth it!

  • Ready your car for the showdown

You must have heard the famous saying, the first impression is the last impression.

And, you must also be aware that it stands true in today’s world.

So, step your best foot forward by making sure to get your car cleaned, washed, and serviced (if needed) before showtime. It’s actually these little things that make your car attention-worthy.

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  1. Getting it washed by a professional with more than just water
  2. Getting the tires checked as semi-inflated tires are nothing more than a setback for the buyer
  3. Empty your car and its dashboard of any of your belongings
  4. Wipe it with essential products
  5. All mirrors and windows must be thoroughly washed and cleaned too
  6. Don’t forget to get the car seats cleaned with a leather cleaner

By now, you must have understood the importance of getting your car cleaned and washed. Doing all this will guarantee a fat paycheck from the buyer. (wink wink!)

Trust us, your car shall be nothing more than appealing to him/her!

  • Keep all the paperwork ready

Once you are all prepped up taking care of your car’s condition and evaluating a price range for it, make sure to assemble all important documents ready.

Here’s a precise list of documents that are necessary for all car sellers to procure:

  1. Insurance
  2. Registration Certificate
  3. Pollution Under Control Certificate
  4. Bank NOC or No Objection Certificate (in case of a loan)

Another important thing all car sellers need to keep in their minds is that a fully insured car with zero depreciation has a much higher resale value than the one which has basic insurance.

  • Deciding on the sales mode is vital

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Today, there are several ways in which you can sell your car, i.e. whether through a dealer, via a third-party service, or through a classified advertisement. So, making sure as through which mode you are going to sell it must be pre-decided.

P.S. Selling your car through a third-party service fetches you less money than through the classifieds.

  • Create an attractive ad and get it published

In case you are selling your car through the classifieds, invest a certain amount of time and effort to create a compelling advertisement. Bear in mind that only if your advertisement draws the attention of the audience, only then you will be able to make a sale.

So, make sure to post high-quality pictures of your vehicle, highlight its features, USP, create an eye-grabbing headline, and add a striking description if you want to stand apart from the ocean of sellers on the internet and wish to lure your potential buyers.

This is a complete list of considerations when preparing to sell your car. Follow this and you will be guaranteed of a hassle-free car selling process. Happy selling!