How to Create Eye Shadow With Mica Powder – 2024 Guide


Fellow make-up lovers, enthusiasts, and DIY kings and queens of beauty when you’re creating a look have there ever been a point where the color just wasn’t as pigmented as expected? Too bright? Too dark? While there are numerous eye shadow pallets to choose from sometimes you just don’t end up getting the look you’re going for. It can be frustrating especially with the cost of make-up. There is something else you can try that can individualize your eye shadow pigment, texture, color, and intensity at a low cost. It’s called Mica powder. Safe for the body and completely natural! Interested? Let’s dig a bit deeper into what mica powder for make – up really is, what it does, and what it’s made of.

DIY Rooted and Grown


This powder is a naturally occurring stone mineral that can be ground into a powder. The stone in its organic state has a bit of a shine to it which gives it a metallic or pearl-like shimmer that remains in the powder when ground down. This powder is a non-irritant and can actually have a healing effect on irritated skin. Great news for people with sensitive skin especially around the eyes, the one place you don’t want to deal with itchy, dry, painful reactions.

How to Use Mica Powder for Stunning Eye Looks


One of the great things about using this powder for makeup is the ability to unleash personal creativity on the colors, textures, and hues. Normally mixing colors in regular eye shadow can ruin one of the two colors, it doesn’t always blend well, and sometimes the different ingredients in the product don’t mix evenly. With this type of powder, you’re in the driver’s seat. Picking colors and pigments to work with us all up to you and because you’re don’t have to use the entire thing in one go you can experiment numerous times without having to worry about running out. Mix two or three or four colors together! The opportunities are unlimited.

What You Need and How to Apply


Mica powder is used just the same as regular eye shadow regarding the application. If you’re unsure then let’s break it down to a few steps. First, start off with a normal eye shadow primer followed by a base shadow. Neutrals are best for a base as to not take away from the color or add a strange tint. Then, with a slightly damp flat head brush dip it into the desired powder and press it on in gentle taps. Be sure to tap off the excess powder first to avoid fallout. Since mica powder is extremely pigmented you should only need one gently pressed layer unless you’re wanting a more bold look. For that use two or three layers and allow space in between for it to dry. All mica powder will leave a shimmery or metallic glow and is not meant to be a flat matte eye shadow.

Looking For Mica? Try Here!


Not entirely sure about using this powder for makeup just yet? For example, Eye Candy Customzus is a well-known brand specializing in this type of powder. They ship all around the world and offer sample packets of hues and shimmers so you can test the color, look, and hue on yourself. But there is also a lot of other brands and offers that you can find online.

Anyhow, if you’re looking for a more affordable and more versatile way to spice up your eye looks mica powder may be just what you’re looking for. Try it now!