How to Mix and Match A Watch With Your Outfit

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Everyone cares about their appearance, and “how do I look” is a phrase you may hear or say frequently, and those who say they are not like that are just not that honest with themselves. We can agree or not but the opinion of other people matters, especially those we have a high opinion of and admiration too, and that is why finding the right clothes is never an easy task.

Now, even if you still don’t believe us, this fact will make you a believer once again. There are many studies on the topic of the first impression, its importance for work-related and private-related situations, and what all of them concluded is that first impression matters, and other views and feelings about some person are highly influenced by it.

We are what we wear

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When it comes to our appearance, matching clothes with shoes is a must, and it really doesn’t matter what some may think, but a green sweater just simply doesn’t go with pink shoes. Some will say, “I can pull it off,” but even if someone achieves to do that, it would be an exception which proves the rule. So, now we can finally agree that how we look matters, and wanting to feel and look like the best versions of ourselves is nothing unusual, as just like we all want to feel good, we also want to look exceptional.

Some fashion accessories we wear also say a lot about what we like and who we are to other people, so paying close attention to them is also of great importance, especially if you want to leave a good impression. Even here, one accessory stands out, and yeah, we are talking about watches. Watches are practical, but even more, they are a great fashion choice, if we match it with our outfit, of course. And here is where problems occur, as many have trouble finding the right clothes to mix and match with their watches, but worry no more, as there is a solution for every fashion problem, and this one as well.

Think about colors

Probably the first and the safest thing that we all do is trying to match the color of the watch with the color of the outfit. It is a safe combination because it is enough to have the same color of the shirt and the strap of the watch, and you are done. There is no need to think a lot about it and try to combine everything perfectly, but the timepiece will still look like the part of the outfit, and everybody will be amazed. But, keep in mind that it is never a good idea to wear too many colors, so try to be moderate when it comes to them since too many never look classy, no matter what is the occasion.

Consider the occasion

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Sometimes it is not enough just to match the colors, and we need to consider the occasion where we want to wear our watch. That means that it is not a good combination to pair the sports watch with an elegant outfit when you go to some formal dinner. If you want to wear the digital one, keep in mind that it is not a great choice for elegant combinations, but it can perfectly fit in any casual outfit. On the other side, analog watches can be combined with many different combinations, and there are a few types of them, so it is necessary to find the perfect one. That means that analog ones can be worn in elegant but also casual and sports combinations.

Combine accessories and shoes

Well, we all agree that the timepiece is one of the most used accessories ever, and it can fit into every combination. Another one is probably the belt, and combining these two can be a perfect choice. When you succeed in combining them, the only addition to this amazing combination can be shoes of the same color and style, and you are ready to go. If you think that it is too complicated, here is a simple tip: use all three components of the combination made of leather, and it will not be hard to combine them. Leather is not good for sports combinations, but it can make the casual one more elegant and the elegant one even better.

Think about the shape

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Timepieces are made in almost every shape today, so it is sometimes difficult to find the one that matches your combination perfectly. When it comes to the shape, there is one simple rule: classic and elegant combinations require classic round or rectangular shapes, while for casual ones, we can choose the watch of any shape we want. Those people who are brave enough can try to combine the triangular timepiece with some elegant clothes, and they can succeed in it. But for those who want to be sure, some classics shapes are always a better idea, and if you choose to go with them, you will never be wrong.

To Summarize

Finding the right place with a vast offer of watches is always preferable as it saves us both time and money. That’s where renowned websites like step in, as they have something for every occasion, and, what’s even more important, a watch that will go perfectly with anything we may want to wear.

What we wear is who we are, or what we want others to believe we are, and some may wear something to match how they feel and their emotions, and others will dress up to leave someone special in awe, but what we all have in common is that no matter what we wear, certain fashion accessories like watches are of vast importance. Hopefully, these tips mentioned above will come in quite handy, and even though there are some fashion rules we simply must follow, it’s always a good idea to, from time to time, spice things up and make some extravagant choices.