Top 5 Most Beautiful AUG Skins

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The AUG rifle is a powerful and accurate weapon for counter-terrorists in CS:GO. It is designed after a bullpup assault rifle adopted by the Austrian military in the 1970s. If you are bored with the standard look of your AUG, there are plenty of colorful skins. Discover five of the most beautiful designs available in 2024.

1.  AUG | Death by Puppy

This skin appeared in 2019 as part of the popular CS20 Collection. Midnight Witch created a pop-art design with a multicolored pattern. If you want to give your rifle a more modern and colorful appearance, then this is a great option. The body of the rifle is covered with splashes of color (pink, green, blue, and purple) and images of a barking dog. The scope, the barrel, and the magazine are unpainted.

Overall, this is a fun and eye-catching design. This skin is not available in the Battle-Scarred condition. Note that abrasions are present at all levels of wear. On DMarket, you can get this skin for just $3.25 — visit here to learn about the available discounts.

2.  AUG | Syd Mead

This skin, named after its creator, first appeared in The Gamma 2 Collection in 2016. The design is reminiscent of the aesthetics of old science-fiction movies. The color scheme is dominated by red and gray with several yellow accents. The gray metal plates on the receiver and the buttstock complement the look.

You can find this skin in all conditions. As the weapon ages, the patina thickens, more abrasions appear, and the paint starts peeling off.

3.  AUG | Chameleon

This skin was added to CS:GO in 2014 as part of The Phoenix Collection. It is adorned with a green scale-like pattern. The buttstock shows an image of a hunting chameleon. The barrel and the scope are unpainted, while the handle and the magazine are solid black.

This skin can be found in all conditions. The number of scratches and abrasions on the rifle gradually grows, but they are almost unnoticeable in the Factory New condition. Eventually, large worn-out patches develop, and the image of the chameleon becomes abraded. You can manage to get an AUG Chameleon for only $3.00.

4.  AUG | Stymphalian

Stymphalian is part of The Clutch Collection, which was added to the game in 2018. Its design was inspired by ancient Greek mythology — specifically, the myth of Stymphalian birds, which had copper claws and beaks. On the body of the rifle, you can see vivid images of the battle between the ancient Greeks and these predators.

Traditional ornaments adorn both handles, the barrel, and the magazine. The color scheme includes golden brown shades, and the pattern looks like paintings on ancient amphoras. The receiver and the scope are unpainted.

This skin is found in all conditions. Abrasions do not appear until the Minimal Wear level. Gradually, the ornament on the magazine starts peeling, while the rest of the rifle becomes covered with patina.

5.  AUG | Momentum

AUG Momentum was added to the shooter in 2019 as part of The Prisma Collection. The body of the rifle is painted pink and light teal. Arrows are painted on the buttstock, while the bottom parts of the handles, the magazine, and the barrel are coated with the same pink-teal combination. The scope is unpainted.

This skin is available in all conditions. Abrasions begin to appear at the Field-Tested stage, and they are concentrated on the barrel. When the float values approach the maximum, around a fifth of the paint is peeled, and the rifle looks significantly darker.

Where to Buy

All of these skins can be found in the official Steam market. However, the Valve community does not always have the most competitive prices. Therefore, opt for trusted marketplaces to trade virtual items. If you are looking for bargains, you will snatch significant discounts there. Their distributed ledger system ensures the security of all trades. Usually, they work with over 20 payment methods and allow users to withdraw profit, unlike Steam.

Top Tips for Buyers

Steam is the biggest legitimate marketplace. On the downside, it is a closed system. Users may buy and sell any skins, but withdrawals are impossible. Thus, if you are planning to sell any of your assets, Steam is absolutely unsuitable. For buyers, the biggest disadvantage is the prices, which are often higher than elsewhere.

Lower prices and withdrawals are found on third-party sites, but you should be careful. While the largest systems guarantee security and support, less famous environments may disappoint you. Finally, do not buy any skins on Reddit, as the community does not give any guarantees. If you are unlucky, you may get the wrong float, or lose your money.

Recommended Tactics for the AUG

The AUG rifle is perfect for defense — for example, during camping or guarding. It may also be used offensively. Here are a few tips to enhance your performance in CS:GO:

  • When camping, stick to medium to close ranges.
  • Use the zoom for more accurate shooting at opponents from a distance.
  • Do not use the zoom at close range, as it hinders your peripheral vision and speed of movement. The zoomed firing also causes visual shake, so target tracking is more difficult when the opponents are close.
  • When you use the scope, recoil is significantly reduced. Therefore, you can aim down when spraying.
  • Make sure you remain unexposed when using the optics, particularly at mid-range.
  • Spraying is only recommended at very close range, as recoil is strong unless you aim the scope down.
  • Always reload strategically, as it takes a long time. The reload time of the AUG is longer than for any other CS:GO rifle.