PTE Tips and Tricks and Most Important Modules for a 79+ Score


The PTE test is a computer-based English proficiency test that assesses your speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills.  There are a total of 20 modules in the PTE.  All modules are important but some have more weightage than others, so you should focus more on them to get a good score.  For example, the speaking module is particularly important, as it requires you to speak clearly and confidently while responding to prompts. The detail of those modules is mentioned below:

  1. Read Aloud: It is the first question of the speaking section and it contributes 35 marks to speaking and 35 marks to reading.    The score is based on content, pronunciation, and fluency.    The content is very important in this section. If you are good at fluency, then you will get full marks for pronunciation.  You should speak naturally and clearly.  Do not speak too fast, or too slow.  Do not take frequent pauses. If you made any mistake while speaking just move on as if nothing has happened.
  2. Repeat Sentence: This is the 2nd important part of the speaking section.  It contributes 30 marks to listening and 30 marks to speaking.  You will listen to audio and repeat what you have heard.  The score is based on content, pronunciation, and fluency.  Your answer should be audible.  Try to understand the audio, it will become easy for you to speak.  Try to speak with fluency, and without missing any word.
  3. Reading Fill in the blanks: (a) Fill in the blank:  In this, you will see a text on your screen with several blanks in it.  Some words have been mentioned at the bottom of the text which is more than the blanks.  You have to identify the right words and drag them into the correct blank.

(b) Reading, writing fill in the blanks:  In this, you will see a drop-down with options for each blank.  You have to select the correct one from it.   These both fill in the blanks contribute 45-50 marks to reading and 25-30 marks to writing.

Listening Fill in the blanks: In this module, on the screen, you have an audio player. All audios in the real PTE come from authentic academic sources. Below that you will find some text with blanks in it.  After listening to the audio, you have to fill in the missing words in the text.  It contributes 12-15 marks to listening and writing both sections.

You have to consider some common tips while doing all fill-in-the-blanks, try to understand the meaning of the passage.  Carefully read the words before and after the blank.  You can follow an elimination strategy to get the exact word.  Sometimes, you might come across two words that have a similar meaning, that time you have to check the preposition, verbs, and nouns with the blank and the context of the sentence.  Make sure you drag and drop the word correctly in the blank.

Write from dictation: This is a part of the PTE Listening section, you will listen to an audio and then write the whole phrase or sentence the same as the dictated sentence.   It contributes 40-50 marks to listening and writing both sections.  Listen to the audio first, then write it. One of the biggest mistakes, students do in this test is to listen and write simultaneously.   If you have listened properly to the whole audio, it will not be difficult for you to write it.  Note down the main keywords to understand the text.   Later use those key points to make a complete sentence.

Now let me give you some bonus tips for repeat sentence, a very difficult part of Speaking section.


The “Repeat Sentence” is the second module in the PTE Speaking Section.   It checks your speaking and listening skills.  It contributes to the score in the speaking and listening sections. You will listen to the recording of a sentence and you have to repeat the sentence with correct punctuation, Intonation.  You will generally get around 10-12 repeat sentences question in your test and the hearing duration of a sentence is from 3-9 seconds. This section requires not only a good understanding of the English language but also required a good memory.  I am sharing some important tips to get a good score in this module:

  1. Be ready to start speaking:  The Audio Status box will count down from 3 seconds and the recording will play.  You will get only 3 seconds before the microphone opens up.  So, be ready to speak.  Once the audio status changes to “Recording”, you need to repeat the sentence.
  2. Listen carefully:  In this section, you will not only listen to a sentence but also repeat it back after hearing it once.   So, be careful while listening and pay attention to Intonation to remember the sentence.  Note down the main words which are important, and add them to your response to make the speaking natural and authentic.
  3. Try to understand the sentence:  You cannot remember the whole sentence or cannot note it down, so try to understand it.  Then it will be easy for you to repeat it.
  4. Form a picture in your mind:  If you form a picture corresponding to the audio in your mind, as you listen, it will help you to remember the sentence.  It is scientifically proven that we remember better when we attach visuals to something.
  5. Maintain your fluency:  Try to speak fluently while recording the sentence.  You should not hesitate, skip, or repeat words.  Speak smoothly, maintain the normal pace and rhythm.  The microphone will close after 3 seconds of silence, so please remember it.
  6. Improve your memory power.  You can practice improving your memory power by listening to the recorded message and stopping it regularly to repeat the words you heard.  Take a pause after 1 to 2 seconds and expand the time up to 7-9 seconds gradually.  Listen to podcasts by speakers with different English accents to become familiar with them.
  7. Speak anything if you have forgotten a word:  If you have forgotten some word in the sentence, just speak what comes to your mind.  If you have understood the audio, you can speak any substitute word of it.
  8. Speak clearly and confidently:  Do not hesitate.  Speak with confidence and clarity. If you will not speak clearly for any reason, the computer might count it as a mistake.
  9. Do not copy the speaker’s accent:  Do not copy the accent of the speaker, just repeat the sentence.  Try to understand what the speaker is saying, and reproduce that in your response.
  10. Practice daily: To get a good score in this section, you have to practice daily at least 100 repeat sentences.  Expose yourself to audio with different accents and different contexts to understand the audio.

Hope you will use the above tips to improve your score in this section.