Robert Wagner, 90, Still Maintains Innocence In Natalie Wood’s Death

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Robert Wagner who is accused of killing actress Natalie Wood has maintained his innocence after going in front of the camera. The official report says that Hollywood star Natalie Wood tragically drowned in 1981, but to this day her death remains a mystery. She was found floating facedown in the Pacific Ocean despite her legendary fear of water.

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Now, almost 40 years later, the investigation into Wood’s death, which was reopened in 2011, Robert (90) has been named as a “person of interest”.

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Robert Wagner spoke with daughter Natasha Gregson Wagner on HBO documentary “Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind”. Natasha believes her father did not kill her mother that night nearly 40 years ago. Robert said: “She said that because she knows me and she knows that I never would have done anything to hurt her mother”.

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That faithful night when Robert went to look for Natalie he found that dingy and his wife were both missing. Natasha, who was 11 when her mother died at the age of 43, says that she is fully satisfied with the investigation that took place decades ago: “All I know is that nobody loved my mom more than my stepdad, so if he had heard anything he would have given his life for her. And that’s a fact”.

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That cold night on November 29th, 1981, near Catalina Island, Natalie was an onboard yacht named “Splendour” with Robert, Captain Dennis Davern, and her fellow actor Christopher Walken. The 13-foot inflatable dinghy washed up on the rocks and Natalie, who had a phobia of water, was found floating face-down wearing a red jacket and nightdress. The ignition key was switched to off, the gearshift was in neutral, and the oars were up in a locked position. The death was ruled as an accident following a two-week investigation. Christopher Walken was also investigated for his involvement in the actress’ death, but the official charges were never filed.

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Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood were married two times, from 1957 till 1962 and again from 1972 until her death in 1981. They share a daughter Courtney who was born in 1974. Natasha is Natalie’s daughter from her marriage with British producer Richard Gregson.

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Natalie Wood is best known for her roles in “West Side Story”, “Miracle on 34th Street” and “Rebel Without A Cause”. She was a three-time Academy Award Nominee and won two Golden Globes Awards.