An Obscure Art Goes Virtual


For the uninitiated, the very idea of hentai might be a little strange, but when looked at seriously it’s not hard to see what’s so popular. The Japanese style of adult comics or “manga” is known as hentai, and it’s been around for decades if not longer. Now it’s taking the next big technological leap into the modern era as it plunges into the metaverse as this erotic art form comes to SexLikeReal.

The uniquely Japanese artform blends storytelling, taboos, and visually exciting depictions of women with some… questionable… proportions to life on the page. There have been thousands of popular hentai comics ever since shortly after the first manga was published. With the advent of television, manga came to the screen in the form of anime and it wasn’t long at all before hentai followed once again right behind.

A Popular Genre


We might have understated things a little when we said that there were thousands of hentai out there – the number is likely much, much higher, and if you start counting the world of self publishing then the figure has to be truly astronomical. In fact, many people are no less talanted than professionals from the famous studios who made it their job. Fans of this style tend to appreciate that in both comics and animations, emotions can be exaggerated (just as readily as bust sizes, in fact). And if the rules of physics don’t apply, some fans appreciate the ability to +

explore topics that range from therapeutic to taboo in a safe space for fantasy that no involves no real actors on screen. This fact alone has enabled some of the edgier content produced to escape the censors of many countries where those topics might otherwise be off limits.

It’s Even Better Than Reality

The VR porn category is one of those mysterious things that many people want to experience, but few understand how it works.

First, let’s clear up – what is the disparity between the extended reality kinds? We know three of them, actually:

• Virtual (VR): the most popular to be referred to, virtual reality suggests people experience the views, sounds, and sometimes other senses in an environment that has no relation to the real places. It is a full imitation so it can be either imitating the existing places or imaginary ones developed from scratch. The characters you interact with while using the VR tech may be NPCs or real people using avatars.

• Augmented (AR): widely spread and used technology allowing to add new elements to the real places through the vision of a device cam. It is based on real scapes, and to use it you may not need any additional appliances.

• Mixed (MR): a term that suggests the combination of features of both technologies mentioned above. Currently, it’s still on the drafting page, but as the progress moves rapidly, it would be correct to assume we’re not so far from the point of its wide distribution.

Using these technologies, people can experience not only visual and audio changes in the environment but also use the tech for impacting the sense of temperature variations, tactual, and other experiences. All of this depends on the immersion grade that some complex devices provide. Now, some of them are available for the gaming industry and possibilities for adult use are also pretty wide. Though, for those who would want to fully replace the need for real-life interaction, there doesn’t exist any full-immersion technology yet (or we don’t know if it has been developed already). However, the future is closer than we think…

When you think about having a positive experience it’s always better to feel the immersion. With today’s possibilities of changing and augmenting reality, the matters of brightening up the loneliness became more than solvable. VR porn is one of those unique chances to feel the intimacy with characters you’ve imagined and to make your… private life far more diversified.

The Sights and Sounds of Virtual Hentai

For now, the majority of virtual reality hentai videos that you see out there consist of virtual girls with those aforementioned unrealistic proportions having the sort of fun that you expect from adult entertainment. But with new studios entering this space every day, the bar for quality just keeps going up and the storylines are starting to become as engrossing and involved as their written page and television counterparts. Character depictions are another space where this particular genre of VR porn is sure to shine, with fans able to imagine (and experience) themselves in some of their wildest fantasies with characters that they’ve previously only imagined. Even your favorite video game characters can be found getting in on the “action”, so to speak.

SexLikeReal has created a whole category dedicated to these VR hentai experiences, in one convenient spot for fans to enjoy. After all, the last thing you want when you’re in the middle of… hentai… is to have trouble figuring out where to get yourself more hentai! With thousands and thousands of virtual reality videos from all over the world, they’ve already got over 100 hentai videos ready for instant streaming, and it looks like there are more on the way every single week.

The Future Looks Bright… and Sexy


It’s not just a big time for fans of hentai, but fans of virtual reality are seeing their day in the sun at long last. Gone are the days when only the geekiest guy you knew had access to mind-blowing tech like this, with the Oculus Quest 2 (I’m sorry… Meta Quest 2) having record holiday sales. With the backing of a company as large and powerful as Facebok (I’m sorry… Meta), virtual reality has finally found a business partner capable of delivering on the future that VR had long promise yet failed to deliver on: a world where all your fantasies, from the funny, to the mundane, and yes – even the erotic, can be fulfilled in richly detailed and immersive worlds.