Top 8 Online Casino Safety Rules in 2024

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People who like to play online casino games want to be sure that their account is protected and their money is always safe. Playing games on the internet is a great way to have fun, while you sit at your home or you are stuck on a train.

These games are available for users all over the world and there are so many applications and websites that offer this experience. Unfortunately, not every place that offers the most popular casino games is safe and secure. In some cases, users can be victims of a cyber attack and their accounts may be suspended if they don’t follow the safety rules.

Nowadays, online casinos offer two ways to play – with a registered account, or without one. Whichever option you prefer, you should follow the rules that the website or application has in the terms and conditions. Don’t forget to read everything before you enter your bank account number and always use trusted websites like

Here we are going to tell you more about how you can protect yourself and your account when you play online games. Make sure to follow these rules, no matter what application you are using, and no matter how frequently you play the games.

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  1. Use licensed websites only

This is the first rule you should always follow. There are so many places that don’t have the license to operate, but they still do. Plus, they claim that they have the needed certificates and that their website is safe and secure.

When you open the site, go to the “About me” section, check the information that is added there, you should be able to see the number of the license they have. You can verify the information online and experts suggest to always save that number in case you have an issue with the website at some point.

If you cannot find that number, contact customer service. If they don’t want to give it to you or try to think of excuses, don’t register on the site and never put your personal or banking information there.

  1. Is the website safe?

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The easiest way to check if the website is safe and if it has all the needed protection protocols included is to look for the little lock sign that is usually found just before the URL on the website.

You can click on it and read more information about the website. The first thing you need to be aware of is that websites that use SSL encryption are safe to use. If the online gambling site says that their page uses encryption, and if the lock sign is not there, then you should close the website immediately and look for another one.

  1. Don’t use multiple accounts

When you start playing online games the first thing you will realize is that there are a lot of bonuses you can get. Because of that users decide to open more than one account, connect it to the same card or bank account and try to get as many freebies as possible.

This is considered as a huge mistake and a violation of the rules. If you don’t want to risk getting caught and your account getting banned, you should stick to one account per website. You can still use different platforms, just don’t make multiple accounts in one place.

  1. Read everything

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Before you choose a place where you want to gamble, sit down, and read everything there is about that website or application. This includes the user rating and reviews, how happy they are with the customer service, if they complain about missing money or bonuses, and if the transactions are done immediately.

You should also pay attention to the rules of the site and what they offer as safety measures. Some websites may claim that they are not responsible if you start losing money from your account, and if you accept the agreement without reading the fine print, there is nothing you can do to complain.

  1. Don’t download random software

Unless you are using an application on your smart device that requires you to download the software, don’t download random things that pop-up on your screen.

If you are using a smart device, download the software from the official PlayStore or iStore. Depending on the platform you are using, you will be able to read more about it, see if the users have a positive experience with the game, and if they have any complaints.

In case you are required to download the software, make sure you read everything about it, Google it separately and contact customer service about why you are required to do that.

  1. Use the free trial before you add card details

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Almost every online casino offers you to try free games before you decide if you want to play with real money. So, use that opportunity to see how everything works, if you like how the website looks and if they offer all the features you want.

Play your favorite games and if you decide that you like the overall look, if they follow all the safety protocols, and after that, you can consider adding your bank account details.

  1. Be careful when it comes to adding a bank account

The most important part are secure transactions. The gambling site should offer you more than one payment method and you should choose it wisely.

Users constantly report identity theft and missing money from their account. Use a separate card or an account when you play online games. Choose a card where you can’t spend more money than you have and don’t add too much money in it.

You should also consider the e-wallet payment options and don’t ever connect the account where you receive your paycheck with something on the internet.

  1. Do they offer customer service?

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This is something that most people don’t pay attention to. We think about customer service only when there is something wrong. However, you should check this part and have a quick chat with them before you start playing. See if they respond right away, check how they handle issues and questions, and if they are not cooperative or nice, then you should maybe walk away.

What is your experience when it comes to online casinos? Is there anything else players should pay attention to? Internet gambling is a great way to spend some time doing a fun activity and earn some money in the process. However, you should always be careful and follow all the safety rules.