8 Tips to Choose The Perfect Rug for Your Living Room 2024

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When it comes to decorating your living room, a single item that can make a significant impact on your space is a rug. A wall-to-wall carpet is old fashioned now; instead, an area rug looks lovely and more practical.

While a perfect one can complement the existing furniture in your living room, the wrong one can clash with it.

That’s why you need to find one that can pull all the colors together, soften the harsh edges, or add patterns to an ordinary room.

There are many reasons why you want an area rug to decorate your room. It doesn’t only give the floor a better look but also protects it from scratches.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Rug for Your Living Room

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Before you purchase it, you need to consider its size, color, pattern, shape, texture, and some other things. The following list will help you to find the perfect rug to complement your living room.

Buy The Right Size

The size and shape of your living room play a significant role in choosing the rug. Buying an oversized one will make the room smaller, while a small size may give it an unfinished look.

Most people make the mistake of buying too small for their living room. It’s important to remember the standard sizes – 9×12, 8×10, and 6×9 feet.

However, if your living room doesn’t support these sizes, you can always go for a custom-made rug. You can ask an expert to get the perfect size for you.

Consider The Shape

The shape of your rug can completely transform the view of a room. However, which shape you should go for depends a lot on the size of your living room.

If you have a large room, you should always go for a square or rectangle-shaped rug. In contrast, oval-shaped or circular ones are best suited for smaller rooms.

There are some excellent companies such as Tribaliste, where you can find so many modern rugs in different shapes and sizes. Just go through their website and choose the best one for you.

The Color & Design

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You must determine the color and pattern of the rug based on the color of your living room as well as the furniture in that room.

If the room is bare or sparsely decorated, a lively patterned rug will be appropriate. One with a simple pattern or solid, neutral color will best work in a room filled with some other decorations.

However, if you still want a colorful rug for your colorful room, make sure those colors compliment each other. Otherwise, you may end up in a visually-cluttered space.

The Texture of The Rug

The texture you choose for your living room rug has a great impact on the final outlook of that room, as well as your comfort.

If you have a pet in your house that has a habit of scratching everything, you must buy something durable and can take a good beating. In that case, traditional woolen ones can be the best fit for you. They can also bring warmth and comfort.

Silk or antique ones are beautiful and can bring an artistic vibe to your room. But they are costly and difficult to wash. Use them if you don’t use the living room much.

Also, if you want a classic look but don’t want to spend a lot, a mixture of wool and artificial silk can be the right choice.

Cleaning Method

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Before you buy any rug, you need to have a clear idea about how you’re going to clean it. Considering the texture and pattern, different onesrequire different types of washing.

Not every rug can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. If you have a flat weave rug, you need to take it for dry cleaning at least once a year, while thick ones require deep cleaning service.

Always choose the right cleaning method to ensure the durability of your carpet. Also, a properly cleaned rug will keep you safe from dust allergy.

Consider Its Function

Why do you need it in your living room? Is it to hide wear and tear or just to make the floor beautiful? How often are you going to use this room?

Before you even start searching for the perfect rug, ask yourself these questions. If you use your living room regularly, the purpose of the rug will be to protect the floor and provide you and your family members the utmost comfort.

On the other hand, if your living room is used occasionally, most likely you want it just for decoration purposes. Going for an expensive one won’t be the wrong choice then.

Look at Your Budget

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The price is a crucial factor that you must consider while planning to buy a new rug for your living room. If you don’t want to spend much, you can always go for a medium quality but durable carpet at a cost-effective rate.

However, a high-quality rug will not only take the beating of heavy traffic, but it will also ensure comfort and less chance to get an allergy. Although these types are costly, you can consider it as a long-term investment.

Go for Multiple Rugs

Putting multiple layers of rugs can define the space and make your living room look more appealing. It’s not even as challenging as you think.

Just choose a solid ground color and then layer it up with a complementary color or patterns. These patterns can be changed according to the seasons, such as a lighter look for the summer and a heavier look to bring coziness during the winter.

Final Thoughts

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In modern days, a living room isn’t a place that is only used when there’s any guest. It is a place for a regular family gathering, where everyone sits together to watch movies or games. It means you need to decorate it keeping in mind everyone’s comfort.

Like your living room, the rug isn’t a luxury item anymore. It provides comfort and coziness while bringing a nice and unique vibe to your living room.

When getting the perfect one for your living room, consider proper maintenance and cleaning regularly. Otherwise, it will completely ruin the environment of that room instead of providing comfort.