How Do You Pick The Right Ballroom Dancing Shoes?

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Ballroom dancing is a great way to meet new people, keep fit, and have fun with your partner. Many ballroom dancers ask themselves is “how do you pick the right ballroom dancing shoes?” If you’re looking for comfortable, stylish, and supportive shoes for night-time or daytime dance classes, you must make a choice decision based on your needs and requirements. Strike a balance between your desires and your current budget to make the most excellent buy-on shoes. Here are some tips on how to choose a perfect pair for you. 

1. Know your shoe size

Be sure to choose a comfortable shoe on your foot and provides enough room in the toe box. Make sure you can comfortably walk around in them without feeling too tight or constricted. Ensure there is enough room in the toes, so your feet don’t cramp up while wearing them all night long. It’s essential to get the right fit. If your shoes are uncomfortable, you won’t dance properly- and we all know what that means. 

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2. Narrow or wide

There is a stigma associated with ballroom dancing shoes which claim that dancers should avoid “wide” shoes. However, this is not true for everyone, and it is ultimately up to you and your comfort. Some people prefer a shoe that is “very average” and fits like a glove, while some others prefer a little more room in the toe box so their feet can move freely without cramping. It is entirely up to you as an individual.

3. There are different types of ballroom dance shoes

You should also remember various styles – from sleek and elegant to fun, vibrant and flirty – so pick your favorite style accordingly. Some women prefer shoes to have heels, while others feel more comfortable wearing flat-soled shoes or suede soles. Some want to match theirs to their dresses. You can find both here; visit to find your perfect, matching fitting. 

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  • Satin shoes: These are the most common type of ballroom dance shoes. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles, and they look good, dancing both Latin and Standard dances.
  • Leather shoes: For those with a little more money to spend, leather is a better option. It looks classy, lasts forever, and it is a little more comfortable than satin. Beginner dancers should also invest in leather-soled shoes, as they are easier to slide on the floor.
  • Suede shoes: This is an ideal choice for those who want to have the best of both worlds – leather and suede. You won’t have to worry about damaging your fancy leather shoes from all the footwork you will do in classes or competitions.
  • Metallic shoes: These are the most-dressy of all, and they are perfect for that special occasion, like a ballroom dance competition.
  • Jazz shoes: For those who want to take up the jive dancing craze. You will need these if you intend on entering any contest for this dance.

4. Choose the appropriate heel height for your skill level

An advanced dancer often opts for a lower heel, while someone starting can go for a higher heel. Aim for an inch to five inches ranges only if you are new to the dance world. Anything more than that will. Hinder your progress, and it would not be easy to get used to the shoe in the long run.

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5. What to look for when choosing dance schools? 

  • You can get practice shoes that come with three additional inserts at the back of the shoe. These inserts help you achieve better support for your feet when practicing dance steps. They also provide warmth to the feet, which can be essential during cold months.
  • The essential quality of a shoe that you should look for is support. It will help prevent ankles from rolling in or out. Good support means stiff parts on the sole of the shoes that keep your foot stable when moving it across different directions. The width of the shoe also provides stability, so try not to go for shoes that are too narrow or too wide for your feet.
  • The following important factor is padding. Ballroom dance shoes should have padding between the ball and heel part of the foot, providing ultimate comfort while dancing. It comes in handy during lengthy practices or when dancing for a long time at the dance hall.
  • As with any footwear, there are also several color options to choose from – but keep in mind that specific colors may not be appropriate for particular dance styles and outfits. For example, white shoes are famous for salsa because the glittery appearance fits well with festive outfits. White ballroom dancing shoes can work for an elegant event but may not be the best option for a wedding.
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  • Choose the appropriate heel height for your skill level: The ballroom dance shoe should be low to medium. Low heels are easier on your feet, while higher heels provide more stability in the turns, making them easier to perform in. The perfect heel makes it easy for you to balance and one that makes it comfortable for you to walk in. Low heels are great for beginner dancers because they help control movements. Higher heels can also be a blessing, as they give you more stability on turns. Hence, the height of the heel depends on your ability level – but most beginning-level dancers should stick with low-heeled shoes for a greater chance of balance and stability.
  • Weight is another important consideration when choosing ballroom dance shoes. Keep in mind that lighter is always better than heavier. If you’re a beginner, you can experiment with different heel heights next season once you’ve got more experience.
  • Think about the style of dancing you’ll be doing and whether you need a shoe that’s flexible for quick turns. Have fun! Dancing should always be enjoyable, even if it’s just practicing at home. Get ready to dance like nobody’s watching! Smile while dancing because it makes everyone feel good. The ballroom dance shoe should have a low or medium heel to be low enough for an easy rise but high enough for dancing on the balls of your feet. It should also have a tapered toe box that enables your foot to point well when you dance. 


you are now ready to buy your pair of shoes for the dance on the moon. Before making the pay make sure you have the best shoes on your hands available at that price. And Take care of your new investment by permanently storing them in their original box after use and cleaning off any stains immediately with soap and water.