Piers Morgan Slams Kim Kardashian For Being Egocentric Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Image source: chroniclelive.co.uk

Piers Morgan has honoured the frontline medical staff for their tireless work over the past few weeks to stop the spread of the coronavirus. During the interview, he remarked that he hopes that people give them the recognition they deserve “instead of worshipping celebrities”. He has slammed Kim Kardashian for talking about her ongoing feud with Taylor Swift during the current pandemic.

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“No one gives a rat’s a** about Kim’s latest barbs with Taylor Swift. These people should be using their platforms to raise awareness about health workers and the importance of staying at home”, the broadcaster said.

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The “Good Morning Britain” host added: “From this horrific, cataclysmic event, I think we have all learnt that the real heroes aren’t celebrities”.

Two members of Morgan’s family have been struck by the killer virus. Piers also commented that it would be nice if next year “the big awards ceremonies celebrated real people. I’d like to see a global health worker thing, a big red-carpet event with thousands of people celebrating these heroes”.

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As of today, Britain has 22,000 cases of coronavirus reported with 1,600 deaths.