How to Plan the Perfect Wedding – Top Tips and Advices

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Wedding season is just around the corner, and we can already hear the wedding bells. Weddings are intimate and special, and if you are not prepared for your special day, then the smallest inconvenience can ruin it. It would be best if you made sure that everything is ready to go at least a week before your wedding day so that you can get cold feet without having to run around and do things last minute.

You must provide yourself with some time to relax before starting this life-altering journey. Many issues arise last minute, but planning as much as possible and having everything figured out makes you stress-free, and you can tackle any issues arising last minute in a composed and organized manner. Here are the things you need to arrange before your wedding day so that everything goes smoothly and you can enjoy every second of it.


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Wedding invites are something that everyone procrastinates till the last minute, thinking that they are the least important part of the event. However, if you plan and color coordinate your invite according to your event, they can be the biggest factor in setting the vibe of your event. Your guests will be excited to be at your reception if they get a unique, beautiful card instead of an overused old template.

It would be best to find the perfect invite makers to make your wedding invites as they can make a huge difference. If you often attend events, you would be aware that little details like these play a huge role in the end, and as they say, the first impression is the last. Basic invite is a place where you can get custom-made invites to suit your preferences and showcase your event’s vibe on paper.


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Caterers and the food arrangement is something that, even though it is really important, is often thrown upon our dads or parents to decide and arrange. It is important that you at least take a look at the menu beforehand to know the things it includes. It sucks to be crying about the lack of ice cream as a dessert option on your wedding day. It is always key to make a list of things most important to you to the things least important to you so that all the things that are top priority get more of your attention while things that are the least priority can be dealt with with ease.

Planning food is important as food decides half of the ambiance of your event and helps bring the whole event together. If the food is bad, the guests are more than likely to make weird faces, and some might even leave with an empty stomach and disappointed faces. Thus, food is always a vital part of planning and deciding beforehand.


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The venue where the event is supposed to be held is the most important part. The venue can make or break your event. The venue is extremely important, and you must select a suitable venue and book it way before your wedding. People often wait too long and set out to book their desired venues days before their wedding day only to find out that they are already booked, and their schedule is jam packed. Thus, it is always better to go to your desired location and book it right away so that you are not left venue-less in your wedding gown with no place to have the wedding.

To help you plan, it is important to decide top three venues for you that will complement the vibe of your event. In this way, if one venue is already fully booked, you can always go to your second venue or the third or check Cancun Weddings. This makes it already clear that if an issue comes your way, you already have its solution at hand. This trick has helped many stay sane and figure out their dream venue of their perfect day.


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Whatever you are planning to wear on your wedding day, a wedding gown or a suit should be in your hands at least a month before your wedding day. Getting your dresses beforehand means that you have plenty of time for any alterations. This also saves you from the trouble of waiting for your dress because it’s not finished and receiving it only hours before your reception. You must contact your desired designer and get your dress at a suitable time.

Having your dress with you will make all your worries go away. If a bride and groom absolutely cannot afford something on their wedding day, then it’s not looking how they had planned themselves to look on their special day.

Color coordination

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This has been gaining popularity and is often ignored, but the way your décor looks affects the moods of your guests a lot. If your venue is well decorated with color-coordinated décor, your guests will automatically get excited and enchanted. Décor increases our happiness levels and makes us feel better. You must have the proper décor arrangement set up. You can always get event managers so that they can set you up with a well-themed event along with color-coordinated décor so that everything looks well put together and something straight out of a fairytale.


A wedding day is so special and sacred that no matter how much you prepare for it, you will still feel like something is missing. To minimize this awful feeling, we have composed a list of things you need to get done at least a week before your wedding day. So that you can enjoy this day fully and don’t be anxious about the things that aren’t planned or already arranged. It’s always wise to curate a priority list and see what matters the most to you and your event and what doesn’t hold as much importance and value.