Playboi Carti Told The Deputy Sheriff That He’s “Gonna F His Daughter”

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During Playboi Carti’s recent arrest in Georgia, per a new report, the “Die Lit” crafter is alleged to have told an involved deputy he would “f***” his daughter.

That’s the takeaway from a fresh TMZ update on the Clayton County arrest, filed Tuesday. In the police report, according to the latest info, Carti is alleged to have told the deputy to take him to jail “and said he didn’t even care anymore” when asked to step out of the vehicle.

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From there, the deputy claims Carti told him he would “f*** my daughter” and also made remarks regarding the deputy’s wife’s appearance.

Sheriff Victor Hill said in a press release shared shortly after the arrest in question that 12 bags of weed, three guns, Xanax, codeine, and oxycodone had been found inside the vehicle.

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Carti and another person in the vehicle were taken to Clayton County Jail, with the former being released from jail shortly after the initial arrest. Carti’s charges included weed possession, improperly passing an emergency vehicle, and failing to display an updated license plate decal.