4 Reasons That You Don’t Want to Face a DUI Charge Alone in 2024

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Being charged with driving under the influence is something that’s never happened to you before. You can’t believe it’s happening now. Where do you even begin to prepare for your court date? Rather than trying to sort things out on your own, it makes sense to find a lawyer such as Mass Tsang to assist you with your DUI situation. Here are some reasons why you need access to legal counsel.

Importance of Knowing Your Rights

If you’re like most people, there are severe gaps in your grasp of the laws related to driving under the influence and impaired driving. Some of what you’ve heard in the past may or may not be current or correct. That can lead to making some assumptions that come back to haunt you later.

By having legal counsel on your side, it’s possible to learn what the current laws have to say about your rights. That includes knowing what sort of actions the arresting officer can and cannot take. Your lawyer can review everything that took place and determine if any irregularities occurred.

You’re Not Sure How to Structure a Defense

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Even if you have a partial grasp of current laws, how would you go about structuring a defense? There are all sorts of aspects that may or may not apply to your situation. By hiring legal counsel like Jeff Mass, you have someone who can evaluate the specifics of the case and come up with a plan that makes it possible to work toward the best possible outcome.

You’re Not Aware of All the Consequences of a Conviction

When it comes to DUI conviction, it’s not a matter of paying a fine and then going about your business. There are serious consequences associated with the situation. You could face jail time, have your driving privileges revoked for a certain period, and will likely face higher insurance premiums in the future.

Your lawyer could help you understand the gravity of the situation and why it’s essential to mount a credible defense. With that in mind, the lawyer will seek to provide the court with reasons to impose the lightest possible sentence.

You’re Not Sure What Needs to Happen Next

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There’s also the matter of knowing what to expect when your court date rolls around. How are you supposed to conduct yourself during the proceedings? Will the judge address you directly, or will your lawyer do most of the talking? Will you need to take the witness stand? Your lawyer can provide a good idea of what is likely to happen during the hearing. That will make it a little easier for you to maintain your composure and act in a way that the court will likely find acceptable.

Blood Alcohol Content and the Law

In the USA, if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is above the legal limit, which measures 0.08 or more through the breath test or blood test, you can be found guilty of DUI. It doesn’t matter if you weren’t intoxicated in any other way; your BAC level is enough to convict you of DUI.

Whether you have a lawyer or not, you will lose your license, you will receive a fine, your insurance will increase, and you will be convicted.

One of the crucial factors in determining whether to hire a drunk driving lawyer is to know your BAC level at the time of your arrest. If you registered 0.08 or more, there is no doubt that you will be convicted and will have to pay all additional fines, fees, and expenses related to having a DUI conviction on your driving record.

Additional Charges

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If other factors could be added to your penalties, such as recidivism, property damage, injury, or danger to a child, you may have “aggravating circumstances.” A”lawyer can help mitigate some of those factors, but in many states, even improvements in convictions carry mandatory penalties, especially for repeat offenders. In some cases, hiring a lawyer may not help much, if it does, in the long run.

When Should You Hire a DUI Lawyer?

If you are genuinely innocent, as if you were not drinking, but did not pass the sobriety test or the breath test, then, if you can, hire a lawyer. You will need one. Do not try to represent yourself if you plan to argue your innocence; you should seek legal advice.

How Can Lawyers Help?

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Mainly, what a lawyer can do for you is to make sure you are prepared to go to court, helping you understand what is expected from you. A lawyer can help you complete some requirements before your court appearance. For example, your lawyer can help you obtain SR-22 auto insurance and submit the appropriate forms to the department of motor vehicles. Besides, your lawyer may ask you to complete an alcohol education or treatment program required by your state to recover your driving privileges.

In other words, he can guide you through the process that he knows you will eventually have to follow anyway. But you can do it before sentencing so that your driving privileges are restored as quickly as possible.

The bottom line is that you should never face a DUI charge on your own. The stakes are too high. If you’ve been arrested for DUI or impaired driving, secure legal counsel today once the court date arrives, and you’ll be glad that you did.