How to Choose the Right Wig Type for Your Face Shape


When deciding to buy a wig it is easy to get lost in the sea of choices. What looks good to one observer may not be so great to you. And it is crucial that you feel it fits perfectly, as well as that you feel beautiful when wearing one.

If you tried to search online but felt confused about which to choose, you can always visit unice website where a large selection of wigs sorted out in different categories, will help you choose the perfect one for you. As is the case with everything you buy to enhance your looks, there are certain criteria you should consider first. That is why, in the rest of this article, we will bring a short guide to choosing a wig with regard to one of the most important features – the shape of the face.

Oval face shape


The oval face is typically narrower in the chin area, and the length of such a face is approximately 1.5 times greater than the width. It is considered an ideal face shape due to its pronounced symmetry and proportional features without dominant characteristics. All wigs fit the oval shape of the face, and wigs that emphasize the shape of the face will fit best, especially if they are of medium length.

Square face shape

This face shape is characterized by a wide jaw that is the same width as the forehead. Due to the strong facial lines, it is better to avoid straight hairstyles. It is especially good to avoid straight hair that ends roughly level with the chin as such styles will over-emphasize straight lines. A better choice would be wigs with a little more volume at the top of the head to lengthen the shape. Choose a stepped or curly style to break strong lines and to make the face more expressive.

Round faces


If you have a face shaped like this, it appears short and wide, with fullness below the cheekbones. The best wigs for this face shape are those that add fullness to the top of the head and are flatter at the cheekbones to lengthen the face shape. Wigs with a parting that is not in the middle are also a great choice, and longer ones that will perfectly complement the round parts of the cheeks and jaws are ideal for this face shape.

Heart-shaped faces

If you belong to the group of heart-shaped face people, then you must have a wider forehead, high cheekbones, and a narrow chin. The hairline is usually V-shaped. For this face shape, short wigs are an excellent choice, as well as stepped styles and bob hairstyles because they bring balance and restore symmetry. It is advisable to avoid styles with excessive fullness on the top as this will further emphasize the narrower chin and lead to a disproportionate look.

Long faces


The long faces are narrow, the forehead and jaw are approximately equal in width, and the cheeks are flat on the sides. In general, for a long face, the main idea is to add more width, not length. Wigs at chin level or above the shoulders are therefore an excellent choice so as not to further emphasize the existing length and to achieve greater symmetry. To achieve more volume, a curly wig is also a great choice.

After reading all of the above, you should know what your face type is, and which type of wig would suit you best. This information will surely simplify the complicated process of selecting the perfect one for you. However, we suggest that you follow a couple of more pieces of advice when choosing a suitable wig.

•Natural or fake hair. By now you must have learned that wigs come in natural hair, or in fake. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of the fake hair one is the price. It’s ok to buy it if the purpose of buying is a one-time wearing occasion.

But if you need it to wear on a daily basis, nothing beats the real hair. Its biggest advantage is the natural look it gives. Most viewers will not be able to notice it’s not your hair, because it looks so “alive”. Another advantage is the simplicity of care. Unlike fake, real hair does not wear off after some time but keeps its natural looks.

Of course, if you apply a proper care routine. The hairs are also easy to style and keep their natural look even when dried with the hair drier or styled with other hair appliances. This is almost impossible with fake ones since exposure to such temperatures and treatment will only result in messy, damaged wigs.

•Before buying, check the quality of how they were assembled. You will see this if the hair stretches or not after pulling.

• Make sure it is completely suitable. It should sit as natural as possible.

•Before buying the perfect one for you, consult a stylist. Let him pick the most suitable length and color of the hair. The same expert will tell you how to take care of it.

The importance of having well-groomed hair, or a suitable hairstyle is something of great value to many women. In the former time hair was a symbol of a woman’s strength. Having a suitable hairstyle significantly adds to the overall feeling of being self-confident. That is why it is important to consider multiple factors when buying a wig. Face shape is the first and foremost criterion, then come the color, and other factors. It would be ideal if you could try it out before buying, but online purchases can sometimes complicate this.

In the end, we can only hope that this guide gave you enough information about how to handle assessing what type of face you have, and how to choose a wig accordingly. Don’t forget that the best advantage of a wig is changing your hairstyle and getting a completely new look without visiting a hairdresser.