Sex Shop Online vs Offline

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So you’ve been passing this place several times, and you had an idea to open the door and take a look. Sometime later. Tomorrow maybe? When you are alone, or the area won’t be that crowded, and those high school kids on the bench nearby won’t be giving you weird looks and giggle… But you’re an adult, and sexual pleasure is not taboo anymore, so why should you care?

Despite the endless feed of half-naked bodies on many open Instagram accounts; intercourse scenes in almost every high-quality tv show; and ads that are targeted to trigger human sex drive and the basic instinct of reproduction, sex topic reminds a bit of tabooish regarding yourselves. It’s not a common thing for small talk during the family dinner, and that’s the main reason people try not to discuss their sexual preferences openly, or to carry around a paper bag with cool multicolored dildos print on it.

Keeping your sex life private and “what-would-people-say” issue is the primary thing that keeps you from pulling the handle of a sex shop door.

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The ideal sex shop would probably be like a small cozy super-private place, which can easily be taken for a cool cafeteria, or a book shop with a relaxing and comforting atmosphere. It should be a creative environment where sex toys and devices are not exposed, but easily distinguishable if you know where to look. There should be a coffee table and a fancy-dressed realistic sex doll, like the one provided by, sitting next to it, and a friendly, but not annoying host at the counter with a purple hair that matches the color of the latest best selling rabbit vibrator… Surely, shops like this exist some place, but let’s face the truth – this ‘somewhere’, obviously, is not your neighborhood.

The majority of your local area sex shops most likely look like small rooms, stuffed with sex toys representing all the generations of sex industry products, including a few weird-looking inflatable adult sex dolls and pink-fur handcuffs – the leftovers from the very first arrival that occurred someplace at the beginning of the 2000s’. And there is a seller who wants to be helpful. Really wants to be helpful. And she’s very determined to make you leave being a happy owner of one of the items on sale. So she follows you everywhere, giving unasked advice. And when you finally convince her that you can make a decision by yourself and step back to the shelf with anal plugs, the doorbell rings and you see your kid’s school teacher entering the room…

Things might not turn that dramatic, but many people are trying to avoid buying stuff in specialized shops because they are afraid to find themselves in the situation described above. Thus, it’s not a grocery department there is a high possibility that you won’t be the only customer. So let’s face the truth – many of us will find it challenging picking up a vibrator with a stranger doing the same thing just next to you.

Despite all the psychological and social issues, sex shops stay on a higher ground considering the fact that you can physically look at the item and hold it in your hands, turn in on and see how it works. You can also check if the sex toy has an unpleasant smell which is the first sign that it is made of toxic materials. Unfortunately, this option is not available when you’re dealing with online sex shops.

However, shopping online gives you a considerable advantage of privacy. Unless you forgot to turn off the screen-sharing app after the call with your business partner, but let’s stay positive, right?

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A well-designed online shop can provide you with all the information required even if you’re new to the topic and got there “just accidentally”. Luckily, nowadays you have something to choose from. Browsing pages online, you can find detailed descriptions and high-resolution pictures of the items and find something just for you. It might be an option you had no idea about, and were too shy to ask, or did not want to sound inexperienced and naive. A good website also has a blog section with related and useful information; and the feedback option. If it’s not available, you can always look for reviews online, both for the item of interest and for the shop where you’re going to order.

Also, you can open a few tabs with different products and compare them by looks and characteristics. You don’t have to keep all the info in your stressed brain and ask the offline shop consultant to repeat it over and over again, because you’re nervous and forget all the features immediately. And relax – once you confirm the order and make a payment, the purchase is shipped as a regular package – no gigantic boobs designs or bold red marking “SEX TOY FOR X” on the box. You’ll keep your privacy for sure – the majority of online sex shops do their job pretty well.

Currently, there are a lot of ways to explore your sexuality, and the modern world offers you various options. Buying a sex toy is one of the most available picks. Luckily, the access to all the sources of information allows you to make a successful purchase even if you’re the first time and a very shy buyer.