3 Best Places to Snorkel Near Cancun

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Cancun is everyone’s top destination in 2024, and most probably in 2024 too. As far as things to do in Cancun, there’s a lot to choose from. Cancun is home of the most amazing parties, water activities and the most exclusive resorts. If you were looking to add something extra to your Cancun experience, here it is, the best places to snorkel near Cancun. This day trip to one of the most unique places in the Riviera Maya will definitely make your vacation the most memorable.

1. Puerto Morelos

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Great Mesoamerican Reef

Our number one place to snorkel near Cancun has to be the Puerto Morelos Reef. As part of the Great Mesoamerican Reef, the world’s second-largest reef system stretches along the coast of Mexico to Puerto Morelos. Experience the vibrant corals and rich marine life of this natural reserve. This National Park is known for following strict regulations to keep the area safe for humans but specially for all marine life.

The easier way to snorkel in Puerto Morelos Marine Park is by booking a tour in CancunSnorkeling. Dive in and discover the colorful ecosystems featuring many different soft and hard coral types. And if you’re lucky enough,, you might see various creatures from small sea slugs to rays, lemon sharks!

Shore snorkeling

Rumor has it, that if you’re looking for a place to snorkel in the shore of Puerto Morelos’ beach, the best place to snorkel is the area between Hotel Amar Inn and Day & Night Beach Club. The water is shallow there, and its gradually covered with seagrass, making it a perfect place for some marine life to habit. But it doesn’t stop there, this is a perfect place to spot rays and turtles that often come to find food.

Wearing a life jacket is not a must if you stay in this area. You can rent fins and mask at the dive shops on the beach, but due to practical reasons we encourage you to bring your own snorkel set if you happen to have one.

2. Akumal

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Akumal beach is actually made up of several different coves along the coastline, including the Half Moon Bay and Yal-Ku Lagoon to the north. South of these is Akumal Bay, Jade Bay, and Aventuras Akumal.

Akumal Bay

Akumal Beach is divided into sections, permitting entry to some areas only if you have a guide. The restricted snorkeling areas definitely have the best coral reefs, so of course, for the best snorkeling experience it’s recommended to hire a certified guide that gives you access to these areas. These areas in particular have a great amount of seagrass, which attracts lots of sea turtles. Still the whole Akumal bay is the best place to get some unforgettable views of marine life.

Half Moon Bay

A walk in the bay is already a nice thing to do after a long day. The white and soft sand that seems to disappear north and south along the coast is part of its uniqueness. If you keep walking left, the beach stretches around the Bay and the next headland around which you will reach Half Moon Bay. To the right, the beach stretches a long way south and to Jade bay. Right in front of you are the azure waters of the Caribbean ocean. A few hundred yards offshore is the 2nd largest barrier reef globally and one of the reasons snorkeling in Akumal is so special.

3. Tulum

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Tulum Ruin

One of Tulum’s hottest attractions are the Archaeological Ruins of the city, located right with a beach view. And amazing enough, this is also the best place to snorkel in Tulum.

Not only does this archaeological site boast impressive insight into Mayan history, but one of Tulum’s best beaches sits below with the Caribbean Sea lapping at its edge. It’s here you’ll want to don your snorkeling gear and brave the water.

Gran Cenote

This open-air pool is made up of a network of caves and caverns, connected by wooden boardwalks.

There are two main snorkeling spots separated by a wooden bridge, it’s a great family-friendly cenote, and you’re likely to spot turtles and schools of fish floating by.

Cenote Calavera

Located on the main road outside of Tulum on the way to Coba, Cenote Calavera is one of our favorite snorkeling spots near Tulum. It’s a quiet cenote, perfect for swimming and diving. This cenote has a bowl shape, it’s a hole on the rocky ground that ends in the crystalline water.

Cenote Angelita

You’ll need to travel through the jungle to get to this cavern, but we promise it is totally worth it. This is your opportunity to snorkel amongst the colorful foliage and schools of fish like you’ve never seen before. Underneath this cenote lies a wonderful flowing river, this natural phenomenon occurs due to the amount of hydrogen sulfide in the area, depositing at the bottom of the river bed and creating a current.

Yal Kú Cenote & Lagoon

A shallow cenote that offers clear waters for snorkeling. Yal-Ku is one of the Caribbean corners that will surely surprise you on your way. In this outlet of fresh subway waters to the open sea, you will enjoy incredible views. Discover among colorful fish one of the most beautiful landscapes of this paradisiacal coast of southeastern Mexico.