The Role of Sofas and Armchairs in the Interior Design

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We have to consider many aspects when furnishing our house and apartment. First of all, the purpose of use, size, shape and style of the room must also be taken into account.
Our hardest thing is in the case of small rooms, as it is very important to find the ideal proportions when decorating the room with furniture. I bought interior design and acoustic ideas from PerfectAcoustic.

It’s unfortunate to buy huge-sized furniture for a smaller living room because it squeezes the space and creates an uncomfortable crowded feeling. When decorating, consider the colors and patterns of the walls, the shape, size and location of the room and, of course, your own taste. This is one of the most important rooms in a family house, apartment, as family members, guests and friends usually gather here to talk, relax, watch TV, listen to music, relax and do other leisure activities.

If your living room is small, you should consider buying armchairs instead of a sofa as they take up less space and thus keep the room more airy. However, if we have enough space, the sofa may be the ideal choice for the main central element of the living room.

The most practical and comfortable solution is the corner sofa, because even more people can book a seat and relax or have fun comfortably at the same time. When choosing armchairs and sofas, the material of the furniture and the type of fabrics are very important.

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If upholstered furniture will be subjected to heavy use, be sure to choose a fabric that is durable, rugged, easy to clean, and difficult to tear. The values ​​measured by the so-called Martindale test show the resistance of different upholstered upholstery fabrics.
Sackcloth, velvet fabric or leather, imitation leather upholstery are the most popular types of fabrics for armchairs and sofas. The use of upholstered furniture not only provides us with comfort and a feeling of coziness, but they can also improve the acoustics and the sound of the room to a certain extent.

Each piece of furniture, furnishings or home accessories can absorb a certain amount of sound, thus reducing the presence of echoes, creating a cleaner, more pleasant sound in the room. Staying in a noisy, echoing atmosphere for a long time can lead to ear fatigue, headaches, nervousness, or even depression. Long-term noise pollution also has a serious impact on our health in the long run.

Everyone chooses the colors according to their own style and taste. However, it is better to choose the colours of the furniture from more neutral colors, because other colors and patterns can be easily paired next to them.

If the living room floor is parquet or tile, it is recommended to place a thick, densely woven rug in front of the armchairs and sofas. This not only improves the mood, but thanks to its material, it is also able to absorb sounds, thus also contributing to the ideal acoustics.

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We can also decorate the sofa or armchair with blankets and decorative pillows, so we can make our environment even friendlier.

If we design a home theater room or a music room in the living room, it is even more important to create the right acoustics. Get high-back or possibly reclining armchairs and sofas where you can comfortably enjoy your favorite movie or listen to your favorite music. Although upholstered furniture, carpets, soundproof curtains are able to absorb sound at certain frequencies, perfect acoustics can only be achieved with the help of professional acoustic Sound absorbing panels.

These acoustic panels can usually be placed on the wall or ceiling and are available in a variety of colours and designs. We can choose acoustic panels that harmonize in material, color, or pattern with our existing upholstered furniture. An example is a leather armchair or leather sofa, to which an acoustic absorption panel covered with a faux leather membrane fits perfectly. The leather and imitation leather material is effective in absorbing sound. If your living room is located in the common space with the dining room, you can also choose upholstered chairs for the dining table, the seat or back of which is covered with upholstery, fabric or leather.

Although the minimalist interior design style is very modern and youthful, it is not really advantageous from the point of view of acoustics, as the use of little furniture and fabrics can make the room echoing, so if you want to apply this style in interior design, be sure to get upholstered furniture and carpets to your home. 

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Acoustics also have a big impact on health. You need to consider the acoustic equipment of the room or office because most of the furniture reflects sound. This reflected sound causes the echo. This echo amplifies the han in the room several times, which greatly strains the brain. This effort occurs after only a few hours. It can cause a great deal of stress and health damage in the long run. But we can easily remedy this.

Try to use as many soft or dense sound-absorbing materials as possible in each room. These materials can be carpets, curtains, sound-absorbing panels, etc. The more sound-absorbing materials we use, the greater the sound attenuation. This can reduce the internal sound of the room by up to 30dB. This high degree of sound loss significantly affects a person’s sense of calm. The work that comes with it will increase greatly, we will be much more patient and persistent.

Is listening to music harmful or healthy?

It largely depends on how we listen to the music. Music alone is healthy and has a good effect on a part of the brain. But if you listen with headphones or at too high a volume, you can get a high degree of hearing damage. This hearing loss usually starts with ringing in the ears. Let’s try to turn the volume back on. If you are not going because you are listening to music at high volume all over you then use a lot of acoustic panels. These panels greatly reduce the reverberation time of the room.