Celebrities Now and Then With a Twist

Image source: Instagram

Dutch artist Ard Gelinck started an interesting project on his Instagram page. Using Photoshop he combines old and new photos showing how much they changed during the years. Besides being fun, it also shows the power and endless possibilities of Photoshop.

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I was born in 1974 and personally I still think the music from the 80's is the best, or rather, it brings back the best memories for me. ❤️ School, making friends and listening and dancing to music in the bars and clubs. That decade was so wonderfully diverse and has also brought us some great icons. And even now these great pop artists are still going strong, even in heaven. ???There are so many but which of these 10 RANDOM typical 80’s artists is your favorite and brings back memories? ? SWIPE ?? and see #madonna #boygeorge #cyndilauper #brucespringsteen #tinaturner #georgemichael #whitneyhouston #davidbowie #annielennox #prince #80smusic #music #80s #memories #art #photoshop #thenandnow #toenennu @madonna @cyndilauper @officialannielennox @whitneyhouston @tinaturner @springsteen @prince @georgemofficial @boygeorgeofficial @davidbowie

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