Steampunk vs Dieselpunk Science Fiction in Games

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You might have come across the words Steampunk and Dieselpunk used in the fashion world, games, weapons, power sources, and movies. One of the most striking differences between these two is that Steampunk is related to the alternative history of the Victorian period or early Edwardian period. The Dieselpunk is set in the machine age, inspired by the World War I and World War II periods. Both of them have an aesthetic defence, and hence items that are made using these concepts have that aesthetic feeling or look in them. These two are retro-futuristic cyberpunk genres.

What Is Steampunk?

This concept shot into prominence when the writers began to write science fiction stories. It was not until the late 80s that the Steampunk idea came into prominence as part of the cyber gaming derivatives. There was a focus on technology, and it was part of the archaic 19th – century society. It highlighted the alternative version of the Victorian era, and hence the play titles or the novels that used this concept came out with weapons, artillery, dresses, and costumes of that era. As it was inspired by the Victorian period, the machines and weaponry were based on clockwork and coal. This is why this derivative has the steam as the prefix. You will come across the characters in the games under this genre wearing tailcoats, corsets, top hats, etc. If you look at the weapons used by the characters in slots or other sci-fi games, you will find revolvers and rifles as their major weapons.

The aesthetics that you can see in prominence in gaming machines and books that are based on this genre are dark wood, copper, and brass. There is no doubt about the retro look, but it also has a futuristic retro feel that titillates the interests of the players. If you are in the online gambling market looking for vapour or mist rich slots, then you will find plenty of titles showing up on the screen. This is a very popular theme among the newbie and the seasoned gamblers.

As it is hugely popular among the gamblers, many gaming software providers have used this concept in their titles and may have tasted huge success. The mixing of the science fiction theory along with the Steampunk theme brings a completely new dimension to the games. Visit popular casinos like or any of your favourite sites to see the varied titles on offer under this genre.

Steam Engines Made This Genre Popular

No matter if you are a grown-up, elderly person, or even a kid, the sound and sight of a steam engine running on the rails are sure to kindle your interest. These engines have given way to the modern electric engines. The novels based on this power were very popular and were inspired by popular novelists like Mark Twain and Jules Vernes. After this, the gaming industry also started taking a huge liking to this theme and came out with many titles that had strange gadgets and vapour powered tools and arsenal. Now, it is the time for this special theme to rule the online gaming world and is a prominent feature in many of the slot titles from leading and developing software providers.

Steampunk Based Video Gaming Machines

A wide variety of video games have used this theme and settings to good effects on them. They belong to various genres like role-playing, shoot’em up, run and gun, first-person shooter, etc. The popular titles to try under this genre include Sakura Wars, Steel Empire, The Chaos Engine, Riven, Myst, etc.

What about Dieselpunk?

Dieselpunk genre came into existence based on the aesthetics of World War I and World War II and makes good use of the diesel-based technology in books, novels, and games. It is based on retro-futuristic technology. It became popular among the people after a game designer Lewis Pollak used it in the 2001 RPG title Children of the Sun. Now, this variant finds prominent use in motion pictures, visual art, music, engineering and gaming solutions. It focuses on science fiction based on the oil locomotion and engines that were a major force of Western culture. It is yet another cyberpunk derivative that you come across on which sci-fi titles are made. The suffix word used in these terms represents the complete opposite of the modern-day aesthetics.

Dieselpunk Items Used in Games

The oil locomotive era and the decadence or the style and the technologies of the diesel era were the two major sources for creating this gaming and sci-fi concept. This one completely differs in the timeline and the themes when compared to Steampunk. The characters of this derivative’s sci-fi novels, slots, and movies would be seen wearing clothes that included bomber jackets, cloche hats, pinstriped suits, and fedoras. You can find the power sources take a paradigm shift from coal and clockwork to petroleum-based fuels and even nuclear power.

The weaponry materials that you find in slots and other arcade games with this theme are steel, wrought iron, or aluminium. The type of armoury that you find in these themed games are self-loading rifles, bolt action rifles, high-end revolvers, early assault rifles, etc. if the transportation sources were early cars, early period rail engines, horses, and carriages in the Victorian-inspired Steampunk, it is buses, modern cars, trains, trams, and tanks in the Dieselpunk culture. The hot air balloons and first types of aircraft have given way to aeroplanes, airships, helicopters, and WWI style aircraft.

Dieselpunk Video Games

The game industry is indebted to this genre as the makers of role-playing games, console video titles, and slots have used the arts, culture, and weapons of that period in many of the titles. World War II is a very popular theme among the video game makers as well as the slots gaming developers. Some of the prominent and successful video games that were based on this in-demand theme are Fallout, BioShock, Final Fantasy VII, Crimson Skies, Iron Storm, and Command & Conquer: Red Alert, etc.

Slot Titles with Steampunk and Dieselpunk Themes

The vapour driven slots take you on a ride to the alternative 19th-century Victorian era, and it involves titles with sci-fi, fantasy, steam-powered machinery and artillery. You can travel back to the future through these amazing and retrofuturistic titles from leading software suppliers. Some of the popular slot titles with this theme are:

  • Steam Vault by One Touch.
  • SteamTower by NetEnt.
  • Steampunk Big City from BF Games.
  • Iron Assassins by Spinomeal.
  • Golden Mechanics by Merkur Gaming.

A very popular slot with the Dieselpunk theme is Hot Nudge from NoLimit City. It is only the 10th title released by this gaming provider and is based on the oil derivative and war theme. Many other titles feature the World Wars as their base theme and hence has an inclination to the oil-powered derivative theme. Some of the top games under this genre include:

  • Pacific Attack by NetEnt.
  • Victory Ridge from Amaya.
  • Bombs Away by Habanero.
  • Flying Ace from Microgaming.

Major Differences between Dieselpunk and Steampunk Games

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One of the major differences is in the era on which these two popular genres are based. While vapour based titles have a liking to the 19th-century Victorian period, the technology-based titles belong to the World Wars era. The Steampunk uses steam, and the other one uses oil. The other major difference between these two rivals is their attitude towards technology. They give due importance to brass-based technology and hence have subdued and dull game settings.

The game settings of the oil-powered and technologically driven genres are inspired by World War I, II periods. This is why you come across horrific and optimistic sci-fi games under this category. These video titles are very popular in recent times, as many prefer to go with the modernity than the classic look and touch.

The technology used in these genres showcases major change from the Industrial Age to the Machine Age. It is not just different in the fuel, but also in the attitude.

Closing Thoughts

There is no doubt that the online gaming world is flooded with a wide variety of titles in both the Steampunk and Dieselpunk categories. While some prefer the old school Victorian type rustic titles, there are others who like to play modern and technology-driven games. No matter what your choice is, you will be spoilt for choices when you are looking for games of the alternative history of the Victorian era or World War theme.