How To Style A White V-Neck Shirt During Cold Months


When the temperature starts to drop, finding the best way to dress up while keeping warm can be tough. And one of the biggest struggles people have during colder months is figuring out what tops to wear.

More specifically, there are many people who wonder if they can still wear their v-necks during cold months.

Since these shirts and tops expose a bit more skin, they may not seem the best option for colder months. However, there are many iterations of the v-neck available today that can work really well with cold-weather outfits.

But, like with any garment, it’s all a matter of how you style your clothes. While you can definitely wear a v-neck in cold weather, you have to make sure you do it right. That way, you stay warm and keep your fashionable aesthetic.

Today, we’ll talk about the dos and don’ts of styling a white v-neck during the colder months and how you can turn this simple garment into a great fashion statement!

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Are V-Neck Shirts Ideal for Cold Months?


The v-neck t-shirt isn’t the first thing you think of when styling a cold-weather outfit. These shirts are usually seen during the warmer months with a pair of shorts or jeans. However, when you do it right, you can really dress up a v-neck when the temperatures start to drop.

According to Fresh Clean Threads, these shirts can slim you down when wearing multiple layers and add a bit of depth to your outfit that you don’t usually find in cold-weather outfits. And if you aren’t keen on wearing v-neck t-shirts, you can also opt for v-neck jumpers and wear them over a collared shirt.

The thing with fashion is that it’s subjective. As long as you think you look good and you feel warm in your white v-neck when the temperature drops, feel free to wear it. However, it can be a bit difficult to stay warm in a v-neck t-shirt.

So, in the next section, we’ll go over some tips that will help you stay warm and look fresh in your white v-neck even when it starts to get colder.

The Do’s when Styling a White V-Neck During Cold Months


There are many ways to style a white v-neck for cold weather. That said, this is a slippery slope, as it’s really easy to overdo your outfit. So, here are a couple of things to keep in mind when styling your white v-neck to avoid a fashion mishap.

Keep It Simple

When in doubt, keep your outfit as simple as possible. The white v-neck t-shirt isn’t supposed to steal attention, so you might want to simplify your outfit to match the shirt. Instead of wearing tons of accessories and adding small details to your outfit, you can focus on finding a simple pair of pants and a nice jacket to wear with your white v-neck.

When you try to overdress your v-neck, there’s a high chance that some pieces won’t match each other. But with a simple outfit, you’re sure to look good whenever you step outside your house.

Wear It With Jeans

When it comes to pants, you can never go wrong with wearing a white v-neck with a pair of high-quality, dark blue jeans. If you want an even darker aesthetic, you can even wear the v-neck with black jeans. This is one of the most tried and tested outfits ever and one that will always feel comfortable.

That said, a white v-neck and jeans aren’t exactly the warmest outfit. So, you have to make sure to layer up when wearing a white v-neck in the colder months.

Pair With a Nice Jacket

If you plan on wearing a white v-neck when it’s cold, you need to pair it with a nice jacket. We’ve found that white v-necks go incredibly well with a brown bomber jacket or a suede jacket. You can also pair your white v-neck with a flannel for a more rugged look as long as you’ll remain warm in the flannel.

If you aren’t too hot about wearing the shirt with a jacket, you can also opt for a vest. At the end of the day, your comfort should be your priority, so always choose pieces that you know you’ll feel comfortable in.

The Dont’s When Styling a V-Neck During Cold Months


While there are many ways to wear a v-neck during cold months, there are also quite a few things you shouldn’t do unless you want to risk a fashion disaster. Here are some of the dont’s to keep in mind when wearing a v-neck when it’s cold.

V-Neck T-Shirt and a Scarf

While it might seem like a logical pairing because of the weather, you don’t want to pair a v-neck with a scarf. The extra space between your neck and the hem is best left untouched. A white v-neck and a scarf don’t look the best, and most people would advise against it.

Deep V’s

Another thing you want to avoid when wearing a v-neck, regardless of the month, is wearing a deep v. One of the reasons v-necks have such a mixed reputation in the fashion world is because of the trend of ridiculously deep v-neck that are happily a thing of the past.

Aside from the aesthetic, another reason you want to avoid these shirts is that they will feel very cold. Deep v’s leave a lot of your chest exposed, which means that you likely won’t feel that comfortable when the temperatures start to drop.

To stay on the safe side, we recommend only going for v’s that are between 2-4 inches deep. Anything deeper than that, and you start to enter the deep v-neck territory.


There’s no denying that a v-neck isn’t the first clothing option you think of when the temperatures drop. However, you’ll be surprised at the number of stylish and warm outfits you can come up with a simple white v-neck. So, if you’re running out of clothing options, it might be time for you to take out your trusty white v-neck!