Best Summer Destinations to Enjoy in Egypt

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Egypt is a country that has always taken over any list there was set, no matter what the list aimed for, be it the most frequented tourist destination list or the country with the rarest history. Thus, it’s no surprise that Egypt was chosen, based on so many travelers’ points of view, as one country dominated the most heavenly destination for summer’s list. It’s not anything up-normal now that Egypt houses destinations, sites, and things to do that the people inhale the vibes coming with them and exhale with them all their stress. Needless to say, that Egypt is a country that goes with the traveler’s favorite season; from winter to spring to Autumn and summer for the warm breezy weather conditions it has stood out. As a country with a warm & cozy summer season close to heaven, Egypt managed to win a dear spot in the visitors’ hearts with the smashing destinations it has hosted for quite a long time. Now, let yourself be carefree, shuffle between the following lines of our article to find your cup of a tea summer destination, and then plan out a tour.

1. Go Scuba Diving at Abu Dabbab Dugong Bay

A horseshoe-like bay is one coastal place the Red Sea was blessed to have; Abu Dabbab Dungong Bay. The bay has all the conditions that managed to fit in the Red Sea’s high standards of beauty and magnitude, not only for the Sapphire and Maya blue to the Bleu de France and Deep sky-blue shades of the Red Sea. But also, for the amount of charm its marine inhabitants release under the water level and the amble grains of the bay’s beaches’ sands. The bay is more than perfect for a magical scuba diving round that’ll get you all surrounded by the distinctiveness of the Red Sea’s waters while having a look at the sea cows. The bay has an atmosphere that will help you to adapt to the summer temperature!!

2. Going Parasailing at Hamata Island

Hamata is an island that consists of three parts tied together in a breathtaking way by Wadi El Gamal National Park. It’s a phenomenal place that has a fair share of the marvels the god planted on Earth.!! There’s no other destination more fetching at which you can go for a parasailing adventure. The island will take good care of you going parasailing through evolving you by an environment created by the Red Sea waters’ surface and its grace on one hand and by the open air on the other. Numerous inquisitive and acrobatic spinner dolphins, clown fish, green turtles, and marine turtles are the Red Sea’s inhabitants that you’ll feel their waters surrounding your feet. Also, the bay will get you evolved by the various types of birds from the Bridled Tern, the Sooty Falcon, the Caspian Tern, the Reef Heron, the Green-Backed Heron, the Red Billed tropicbird, the Ruddy Turnstone, the European Spoonbill to others, making your parasailing atmosphere the finest. All conditions offered by the bay, will for sure lessen any trails the summer can have on your mood.

3. Have A Snorkeling Experience at Giftun Island

About 11 KM towards the east, far from Hurghada’s coast, has been wherein Gitfun Island is sprouted. The island is a space filled with significant milestones that made so many tourists take the leap of faith and see what kind of rare splendor it holds. Being a steely preserved area according to the Egyptian Government since 1995, the island guaranteed the tourists to be safe and unscathed going snorkeling in any of the spots knitted on the island. Going snorkeling there means letting the ecology system and marine world’s inhabitants dress you in a gown lined up with a glamour that only they let out to forget a bit about what temperature the summer has for you!

4. Get Sun-Tanned at Mahmya Island


Mahmya Island will give you access to turning your skin to a warm texture ornamented by shades of soft bronze and copper. You just shoot at any of the sand spaces on the island’s beach, grab your sunscreen, apply a reasonable amount on your skin and then let the rays of the sun get the job done. Getting overwhelmed by the warm atmosphere, that’s the total contrast to other boiling hot ones, you might opt for a few-minute nap to feel all charged again, and don’t forget to grab your soft beverage in the process of getting tanned!

5. Have a Tour in Hurghada City

Hurghada is like a white swan that stands out for its distinctive beauty which outlines every part of it. Coming to the City of Hurghada, you’ll not be able to let go and miss any second of its supremacy to sandwich you between its folds. The city prevails on the horizon any and every kind of vibe that serves the tourists touring within the unfiltered grandeur of it. You can have a tour starting from the shops and traditional markets, to the cafes and restaurants with aromatic dishes all the way to the sightseeing trip, all in a tranquil atmosphere and modest temperature that’ll never let you down! Check these affordable Hurghada private tours.

6. Visit Old Cairo and drink Asab El Soukar

A great share of Egypt’s powerful history turns out to have strong threads attached to Old Cairo. Having been the headquarters of an abundance of great figures in Egypt for a span of hundreds of years ago, it’s safe to declare Old Cairo as the backbone of Egypt’s ancient civilization. Old Cairo managed to grab at the tourists’ minds, hearts, and senses with a firm grip for the combination of scenes, atmospheres, and vibes it offers. You can explore Khan El Khalili Bazaar, the Hanging Church, Ben Ezra Synagogue, Ahmed Ibn Tolon Mosque, or others of their like, which are sites that fit the summer in Egypt. You can also intensify the uniqueness of your adventure in Old Cairo more by stopping by a soft drink shop for a refreshing beverage, which in your case, is Qasab El Sokar. The drink is made out of raw sugar cane without any added flavors in the background. With every step you take in Old Cairo, you’ll find a shop or two offerings you the mouth-watering drink that cannot fit Egypt’s summer season any better!

7. Tour Alexandria City and Its Historical Monuments

The Bride of the Mediterranean, the City of Alexandria, will forever be known for the cycles of different activities and places along with the soothing and serene sensations. The number one reason the city pops up in the minds of those whose desires lead to a coastal warm vacation is the unique doses of warmth it spreads. The city was fed with various ancient superior trails, including the Catacombs of Kom Shokafa, Pompey’s Pillar, and Bibliotheca Alexandrina, as well as other ancient Egyptian cities such as Memphis, Thebes, and Heliopolis, each with their own unique landmarks and historical significance. You can steal your stay in the heavens of Alexandria by taking a night stroll at El Qurnish, where the city’s everyday life details untangle before your eyes, from the common vendors and the locals to the hustle and bustle while feeling the refreshing air of the sea meters away.

8. Have a Cool Drink at Zamalek Island

Zamalek in Cairo is not an island per se, but rather just a space of land in the middle of the Nile, thus, another place perfect for the summer season in Egypt with the serenity that accompanies the not-so-many people there as the cherry on the top. Zamalek Island pulses with the life of having the Opera House, and El Ahly, the most well-known soccer game club. You can anticipate so much from that space of land, especially with the elegant layouts and designs surrounding it. Dive more and more into the island to memories it at the back of your hand, and don’t forget to have a drink or two there to stay refreshed and dehydrated!!

9. Give a Go to the Nile Felucca Adventure

Having a felucca floating on the warm surface of the Nile, encircled by its calm atmosphere and slightest waves while being hugged by the warmth of the sun’s round plate will do wonders to your body in coping with the summer temperature. Along the way during your voyage, you’ll fall in love again and again with the way the Nile keeps you swaying slightly to the melody played by its waves and the steady pace the felucca picked up from the very beginning!

10 Have a Nile Cruise and Explore Upper Egypt’s Milestones

Having a Nile cruise is among the top unique fabulous things you can do in summer to live the outcome of many experiences. You’ll be offered a key to a gate leading to ancient Egypt’s secrets while staying refreshed and bathing in luxury at the same time. Everything will start the moment you get on board, then you’ll be welcomed by the welfare of the amenities added to the Nile cruise, and finally, start digging a shortcut to the ancient Egyptian civilization’s holdings and treasures. The Nile cruises were planned with so many intentions behind them, nonetheless, a strong one is making the tourists touch even friction of ancient Egypt history with their hands during exploring Upper Egypt milestones, such as the Valley of the Kings, the Unfinished Obelisk, Hatshepsut Temple, the High Dam, Karnak, Edu, and Komo Ombo temples as well as more!! Check specialized in providing Hurghada excursions & day tours, holiday packages, and shore excursions from any resort along the Red Sea to any historical attraction in Egypt. Our knowledgeable guides and top-of-the-line amenities ensure that you’ll have a comfortable and unforgettable trip.