Sustainable Development: What Are Our Priorities?

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We often encounter the term of sustainable development, both in our daily conversations and through television or the Internet. The topic is very serious and significant. We need to be aware that resources on the planet are of limited duration. This certainly implies non-renewable resources. However, renewable ones should be used more wisely.

We Need to Know so we could Understand

All progressive ideas, throughout the history of civilization, have often been deeply misunderstood, belittled, and rejected by most. Yet, in the subsequent memory, over time – they became the golden, idealistic moments of the human race. Remember ideas like Romanticism, the Enlightenment, scholars like Tesla, Copernicus, etc.

The Idea of Sustainable Development

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Today, humanity hasn’t any larger, more humane and progressive idea than the idea of sustainable development. The idea behind sustainable development is to achieve a better quality of life for all citizens, social categories, genders and races.

This can be achieved through economic development, but with the reduction of environmental pressures, more efficient and rational use of resources, the achievement of a more humane and equitable society and responsibility to future generations.

This idea may seem utopian today. Many people do not understand it, most of them reject it. But the idea of sustainable development is an idea that can make human society far more righteous and humane. Therefore, we should change the way we organize our work activities, the way we organize and plan settlements, the industry, and the way we dispose of natural resources.

Is the Idea of Sustainable Development Truly Sustainable?

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At first glance, the concept of sustainable development truly seems like an illusion. Concern for the environment and resources of nature in times of severe economic crises and poverty?!

Climate change, species conservation, more efficient and responsible use of resources? A fairer and more equitable distribution of material wealth? Eliminating poverty and hunger, at a time when citizens of the most developed countries of Western civilization remain jobless?

Although it seems unrealistic to many – sustainable development is just that. It is a universal issue of ecology, economics and sociology, but also ethics, morality, humanity, justice. Even the most developed, part of global society is trying to bring the concept of sustainable development closer to all people so that they are aware of the significance and potential of the idea.

Climate Change

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Research shows that since the 1990s the number of people who use electricity has drastically increased. With the expansion in populace around the world, the interest in affordable energy is expanded as well. The global economy, which depends on fossil-fuel products, is radically changing the climate and the outcomes can be seen everywhere.

However, there has been a new initiative to encourage the use of alternative energy. In 2011, renewable energy accounted for more than 20% of the world’s electricity produced. However, since every fifth person still lacks electricity, and as demand grows, there will need to be a significant increase in renewable energy production worldwide.

Is the Sun the Energy of the Future?

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Solar energy is the one we get from the biggest source on Earth – the Sun. This energy is additionally responsible for the steady renewal of wind energy, sea currents, waves, waterways and thermal gradients in the oceans. For quite a long time, the energy of the Sun has been utilized to produce heat for our living space as well as warming water and cooling. The utilization of solar-based energy has different focal points. It is a neat and safe source of energy.

Not to mention that all this is far more financially acceptable. Therefore, today many companies like 7X Energy offer the opportunity to both the economy and private customers – to switch to using some of the sustainable energy systems, such as solar energy. Such an option is far more environmentally friendly and is also financially viable in the long run. Users who have resorted to such a system can obtain the lowest electricity cost available through solar power.


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As a result of the expanding costs of fossil fuels, as well as bringing issues of preserving the environment – the expanding enthusiasm for utilizing solar energy has been created. In only 60 minutes, the Earth gets more energy from the Sun than the human population utilizes within a year. The measure of solar energy that reaches our planet is colossal, to such an extent that in one year – it is double the size of all our non-sustainable power sources.

Advantages of Solar Energy

1. No Environmental Pollution

Solar panels do not produce environmental pollution. The only pollution that occurs is the result of the production process of solar panels in factories when transporting and installing them.

2 It’s a Silent Energy

Energy production using fossil fuels and some types of renewable energy sources, such as wind turbines, can be very noisy. On the other hand, the production of energy using solar cells is a quiet process.

3. It Can be Used Remotely

One of the great advantages of solar power is the ability to produce energy in remote places where there is no possibility of connection to the grid. One example of this is energy production in space where satellites are powered by the use of highly efficient solar cells.

4. Money-Saving Energy

Installing solar panels in remote locations is much more cost-effective than requiring high-voltage power lines to be installed.

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5. Effective at all Weather Occasions

Solar energy can be very efficient in many places and areas of our planet, and new technologies allow efficient use of solar panels even when the weather is cloudy or when there is not enough direct sunlight.

6. No More Investing in New Installations

Solar panels can be mounted on the roofs of many houses, which eliminates the problem of finding space and investing in new installations.

7. Affordable Price

Another outstanding feature of solar energy is its price. Although initial costs are high, once solar panels are installed, they provide free energy that will pay off the initial costs over the years of using them.

8. People will no Longer Depend on Fossil Fuel

The use of solar energy enables independence from the world’s fossil fuel reserves.