The Importance of Choosing the Right Car Covers

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Buying a vehicle for many consumers is a crucial moment. This, in fact, is their toy, their brainchild, which they love and cherish. In the car purchased for its owner, absolutely everything is important, including the interior decoration. Owners pay special attention to the interior of the vehicle. A new car always pleases the eye of its buyer.

Indeed, for any person who spends most of his life driving, a car is almost the second home, where it should be cozy and comfortable. First and foremost, a beautiful interior is made by magnificent seats that attract attention.

Sometimes there are situations when a child and one of the passengers stained the upholstery. In this situation, car covers come to the rescue. You can buy them at auto parts stores. If you purchase such an accessory immediately when buying a vehicle, then you can guarantee to protect the seats from minor troubles.

Types of car covers

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Of course, today you can pick up a variety of covers and take into account all the taste preferences of the owner of the car – this is material, color, and textured ornament more details available on A variety of color variations, woven and non-woven materials will “revive” the interior, make it non-standard, unlike others, and create your own, unique, extraordinary style.

A wide range of models allows you to choose the perfect option for every taste and financial capabilities of the car owner.

Covers from plush and tapestry are considered relatively inexpensive, they are easy to wash, however, they shrink and are short-lived by their service life.

Covers made of synthetic materials last longer, are also easy to wash and vacuum, but they do not absorb moisture well and are electrified.

Velor is a durable material for covers, it is quite reliable, it is well cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, but it is able to attract dust.

There are models made of natural or synthetic fur, but they are good for the autumn-winter season and are not suitable for summer.

Leather and leatherette covers are quite durable and beautiful, which are convenient and easy to care for, but there is also a drawback – they remain scratches.

The choice is on the car owner, but the main thing to consider is that the covers should be easily removable so that they can be cleaned and washed. The cut covers are different. For example, universal ones are suitable for all vehicles, however, sometimes they are difficult to fix, because they do not always repeat the shape of the seats. Model ones are made for a particular brand of car and sit perfectly.

Car cover: how to choose the best? Our suggestions

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To protect your vehicle, it may be worth buying a car cover. But with the number of references offered on the market, it is not always easy to navigate.

For use inside or outside the vehicle, the car cover is a protective accessory that helps to protect against minor damage, such as impacts or scratches. It is also used to guard against dirt, condensation and even UV rays. Certain innovative models avoid corrosion and form an effective barrier against humidity problems, in particular, mould. Here are some tips for choosing the right car cover according to its use, your parking and storage possibilities.

Car cover: for what purpose?

Before you start buying a car cover, you need to ask yourself the right questions. First, determine where your vehicle will be parked. If it is parked indoors (garage, collective parking, etc.), use a dust and dirt-repellent car cover . For a vehicle parked outside, choose a cover that is resistant to the various possible bad weather (hail, snow, rain, etc.), UV rays as well as possible external aggression (impact of doors, animals, etc.) . But is it possible to find the one that offers all the mentioned protections? Yes, Coverland Car Covers offer such durable and high-quality car covers that protect the cars from rays and bad weather like heavy rain, hail, storm, snow, and scratches.

Car cover: which model to choose?

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Many materials are used to make car covers. You will find quality models in PVC, moltex, nylon, etc. The most important thing is not so much the material of your cover, but its functionality. First of all, prefer a breathable car cover which will evacuate condensation and thus protect your vehicle from possible risks of corrosion.

Then, prefer waterproof models, especially for outdoor parking. Also choose a car cover with a tightening elastic. This will ensure that the cover is well maintained and limit friction on the vehicle. Finally, you can even choose a cover with a soft interior to preserve the body of your vehicle as much as possible.

If waterproofing is not essential for an interior cover, make sure you have a model with breathable material. For example, nylon. For delicate materials such as leather, opt for covers with a woven lining. In order to carry out a simple maintenance, it must be compact and light. The finer the cover, the faster it will dry.

In the event that you transport animals, remember to select a product adapted to their presence. For a collection or high-end vehicle, an inflatable cover offers optimal protection. However, the device requires a nearby power supply to ensure continuous air renewal.

Car cover: what prices?

Depending on the model and size of the car cover chosen, prices can vary completely. Note, however, that entry-level prices are between 30 euros and 40 euros. For a larger model (for an SUV for example) or better, count around 100 euros. In the end, your choice will depend above all on the use you want to make of your car cover as well as your budget.

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Elastic fasteners

Materials: neoprene and polyester 150D

Available in 4 sizes: M to XXL

Ideal for weathering the most severe weather, the protective cover for Apa vehicle also helps to protect against hailstorms. The upper part is made of neoprene, while the sides are made of 150 D polyester. Very easy to install, it has elastic fasteners to ensure perfect support while preserving the bodywork. This protective cover is available from size M to XXL.

Designed for outdoor use, the Audew car cover covers the entire vehicle to protect it from dust, weather or even heat. Made from waterproof polyester, it forms optimal protection against UV rays with its reflective silver coating. Benefiting from double stitching, this car cover is suitable for sedans and vehicles whose minimum length is 4.50m.