The Importance of Internships in Business Development


In order to get experience, you need experience. These days, this seems to be one of the biggest problems for young people that are transitioning into the workforce. Employers in various industries rely heavily on the resumes that show the work history, whether it is in the form of an internship, volunteer work, or actual job experience. If you are looking to gain experience, working as an intern is the most beneficial strategy. In this article, you will be able to read about the five reasons why an internship is important. Find out more internship opportunities at Jooble.

1. It Provides Real-Life Exposure and Experience

An internship will allow you to gain exposure to working in the real world. It will also enable you to gain the necessary skills, knowledge, and practice that your university professors taught you. Another great thing about internships is that it teaches you about specific companies and industries that you are interested in. Even the experience of taking part in something new can be quite beneficial for your future career. You will be exposed yo new people in a stable and controlled environment and you will be given training, assignments, and tasks that you can learn from.

2. It Provides an Opportunity to Learn More about Yourself

Aristotle – the most famous Greek philosopher – said that knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. And the experience you will go through will shape who you are. An internship will not only encourage you to personally grow but will also provide an understanding of yourself. For instance, if you are a business marketing student and you decided to do an internship related to this field, you can explore what a career in business marketing would look and be like. And sometimes, the reality does not meet the expectations, hence, you can decide if you want to continue a career in business marketing or choose a different path.

3. It allows you to get Connected and Develop Your Professional Network

According to experts from InternsInAsia, networking is an exchange of information between people with the goal to establish relationships that will further advance your career. An internship will allow you to establish a deeper connection with professionals that can be beneficial to your future. Make sure that you always have your business cards with you since networking can happen anywhere.

4. It allows you to Improve your CV

While you might get a second chance when speaking to someone face-to-face, your CV does not. You should consider your CV an extension of yourself and how someone perceives you. Internships can boost your resume through relevant experiences. Also, you will be able to gain new skills and abilities during an internship, hence, you can enhance your resume even more. The more experience you gave, the better position you can get.

5. Transition into a full-time position

When you start a job right after graduation, you are the most vulnerable employee when it comes to layoffs. If you never worked full-time before, this change can be quite overwhelming and stressful. Internships offer you a great chance to transition into a full-time position. You can showcase your talents, values, and commitment to your employer. Also, once your employer invested money and time to train you, they become more inclined to hire your full-time.


As you were able to read, an internship is important for your future career. It is a building block that is needed for creating a path to a thriving and successful career. Hence, next time when you are on a gap year or when you have a summer break, you may want to consider becoming an intern.