Things No Hair Salon Cardiff Would Tell You

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When you visit any hair salon Cardiff has, you would wonder what their secret to getting so many customers is. Is there any way you can get a great haircut and still save some money? This is what most customers do not know; the barbers at the salon dread clients who say “do whatever you feel is best for me.”

Hairdressers know you don’t want to bleach the hair

Because they know how customers react to this word, they use words like decolorizer or lightener. This process is important, especially if you want to lift the color of your braid. Going from a darker to a lighter shade is never that easy. That is why whenever you visit the salon in Cardiff, like Bellisimoshair, you need to tell them precisely what you want and do not want. They will advise you based on your skin tone.

They do get quite personal to understand you

Whenever you visit any salon Cardiff has, you will get a card to fill at the reception. Yes, they do ask some very personal questions at times, but that is because they want to know your taste and personality better. They may also engage you in a personal discussion about what you are going through and the games you like. It is all aimed at knowing you better and establishing a lasting relationship.

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The Schedule You Based on Your Visit Pattern

Because they learn to understand you and your needs over time, the team at the salon in Cardiff will tell you your schedule rather than book according to your plans. When you are late for an appointment a couple of times too many, they tell you when they can attend to you better. So trust them and be there when they say you should.

One rule to live by for the best salon (Cardiff)

Do not make the first appointment on a Saturday. That is the busiest day at the salon. They may not be able to attend to you the way you deserve. Also, make sure you are familiar with the body style terms to avoid unnecessary confusion. If they get your style wrong, it will just make the worst first impression. That is why the salon Cardiff has encourages customers to make their first appointment during weekdays.

Check if the Salon at Cardiff Offers Discounts

Sometimes, there are packages and deals available. Unless you ask, they barbers may skip telling you because they are overwhelmed with work. Just ask them for some information on discount offers and even if there isn’t any, demand for one. You might as well end up saving about 20% of the cost.

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Get Coupons and Use Them

Groupon has numerous coupons, so if you get one to use at the salon, Cardiff has, so go ahead. Get the best hairstyle and save some money. It is allowed.

Having Thin Hair Doesn’t Mean Short Hair is a Must

Some clients have fragile skin, and they automatically believe they cannot wear it in any other way, except for short. This is a misconception, and in fact, having long thin tresses may even look better on some people. It has a lot to do with your face shape and body mass, as well. The main trick is to keep the hair looking healthy and attractive.

Always Dry the Hair before Using Flat or Curling Iron

Most people do not know this, but using a hot iron on moist or wet tresses is a bad idea. This is why when you visit the best salon Cardiff has; the experts will first blow-dry your hair thoroughly. They will take their time to do this right because it is important and the best practice.

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They are Improvisers

It happens often, the hairdresser at Cardiff or nowhere else may have the color you wanted him or her to apply. This could happen due to any reason. Perhaps they forgot to log it in the last time you visited. Maybe they forgot to place the order for that pretty color because they were swamped with customers. In either case, they do not tell you what is up, and instead, mix different dyes to make the color you want. They are just great at what they do, which makes the barbers in Cardiff the best.

They Know You Did Not Wash But.

Yes, most people think that not washing the trees helps it get more grit and is better for styling. Here is the truth – that is a misconception. Barbers want your tresses clean and fresh so that the style looks fantastic. Showing up with dirty or smelly braid is never a good idea. Wash it the night before because the barber will apply creams and spray to get the right texture and make the skin look amazing. Keep it washed and fresh for incredible results.

When you visit the salon Cardiff has, keep all these in mind!