How to Throw the Ultimate Birthday Party in 2024

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There is no better time than now to plan a party for your next birthday. Are you only turning 26? Who cares! If 2024 has taught us anything, it is that we truly need to capture and savour the memories as well as we can. Coronavirus (COVID-19) has completely shocked the planet and made everything come to a standstill. Endless birthday parties have been cancelled – but this does not mean we have to stop there and cease all planning. Let’s pick it back up again and get excited about the future.

There are hundreds of benefits of having a birthday party. Not only is it a one-stop-shop to celebrate you for a whole day or a whole night, but we get the chance to meet our family and friends and foster new relationships with their plus-ones. A fantastic benefit of planning your birthday party is that you get to decide how the event goes. You can choose what you want and how you want it. Take this in your stride! No matter what age you’re turning, capture the moment and make it work. Interested? Keep reading for a set of all-inclusive tips to throwing your best birthday bash yet.

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Consider a party planner

In order to make the event go as smoothy as possible, experts recommend that you hire a party planner. There are many options to consider in this category; you can hire a digital party planner by visiting websites such as or hire a well-reviewed planner from your local area or city. Online party planning websites are a fantastic option for those who cannot access personal party planners due to the pandemic. They will help you get a head start. These websites also allow you to browse multiple mood boards for incredible inspiration or plan your party from scratch.

It is a party planners job to organise events and do a great job of it, so don’t be worried about investing in their work. They generally take care of all the difficult parts and allow you to do all the thinking. They will brainstorm with you and help work up a fantastic vision for the party. From there, they will make it their mission to give you the event you want. They tend to take care of the décor, catering, entertainment and so on. If you want to organise the party for yourself, keep reading for more tips and tricks to help you throw the ultimate birthday party.

Choose a theme

Birthdays are a great occasion to have a party because the options for themes are endless, and you don’t need to have an excuse for the theme you choose. A party theme is essentially a marketing strategy for your party, and it is completely up to you how you decide to do so. Your theme can relate to a decade, a movie, a season – the list is endless.

A great option people tend to go for is a 1920s themed party inspired by the wonderful movie adaption of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Here, you would transform your venue into a luxurious 1920’s party venue and convince your guests to dress up and dance in style. There are so many themed options to choose from, so do your research and choose something which suits your personality. The more luxurious, the better!

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Choose a venue

Once you have chosen your intended party theme, you can then get onto choosing your venue. Consider what this venue means for your party itself. How many people can it hold? What is its reputation? Can it accommodate your date and time?

Now might not be the best time to solidify a date due to the ever-changing regulations in place across the world, but setting a date gives you something to be excited about. Another important thing to keep in mind is if the venue is inclusive enough for your guest list. Does the location suit everyone? Consider wheelchair access and capacity for those who might need some extra room

Hire a caterer

As previously mentioned, if you hire a party planner, they will usually take care of the caterer for you. If you decide to go at it alone, this doesn’t mean you’ll do a bad job in choosing a caterer. The main thing to remember when choosing is to examine their reviews; you can even attempt to rely on word of mouth suggestions.

Caterers usually work with you rather than apart from you, meaning you can create a menu to suit your theme and they will be open to it. Luxury finger food is almost always as good as a sit down three-course meal but do what makes you happy. After all, it’s your birthday for a reason.

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Sort the entertainment

One great thing about the entertainment industry is that there is plenty of choices to consider. Whether you would like a DJ, a ceilidh band or a vocalist, the options are endless. It is useful to relate your entertainment to your chosen party theme – there’s no point in having a ceilidh band for a Gatsby themed party.

Send the invites

After you have considered each of the things in this article, now would be a great time to send the invites. That is unless you are back in another government-induced lockdown. Save all your ideas and create an all-inclusive mood board with all your needs and wants.

If you can set a concrete date and time, sending initiations is a fantastic next step. You can get these done for you by an external artist or invite creator, or you can do it yourself. Throw yourself in the deep end and make your invites your own. A useful tip is to make your invites related to your chosen theme, so your guests know what to expect. We all deserve something to make us excited in these trying times!

Consider these options to help you throw an ultimate birthday party dedicated to you and give your guests an event they will never forget.