Tips to Move Cheaply

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Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do.

It’s a hassle to pack up all your belongings and lug them around with you, only to have to go through it all again when you finally settle in at your new place.

But if you’ve got an especially tight budget, moving on the cheap can seem like an impossible task. In this article, I will share some tips for how to make your move easier and cheaper than ever before!

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1. Always try to land a free ride!

When you’re moving on the cheap, there’s no reason to be rudely surprised when it comes time to pay your movers. Many companies will offer free quotes and estimates in exchange for a few minutes of your time. Use the low-ball estimates with a grain of salt; if they’re willing to offer you a quote that’s 25% lower than everyone else, there must be something wrong with their service. But if all the estimates are at least double what you can afford, then go ahead and give them your business!

2. Get rid of your old belongings.

If you’re holding onto a bunch of stuff that you know will only turn into clutter, you should get rid of it! You can reduce clutter on moving days and make more room in your budget by selling or giving away all those knick-knacks. You can either arrange a garage sale where you can sell all the unwanted stuff and make some money out of it which can be eventually used towards the upcoming move, but be sure to carefully scrutinise things and items you are selling, or you might have to buy it back after you moved to your new destination if you need it back. You can also look for charities that accept donations such as used toys, furniture, pianos and other heavy and bulky items which you don’t use and which will only increase the cost of the move!

3. Get your supplies.

If you need to do some serious DIY work on your new place, as many of the supplies are needed for the job as possible. You can save a lot of money in the long run if you get yourself everything you need to paint walls or install new appliances than if you hire independent contractors to set up those tasks. And once they’re done with their part, take all the supplies home with you and use them over and over again; this should help lower the cost of future projects as well!

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4. Stay flexible about moving dates.

When you’re moving on the cheap, flexibility is key. It pays to shop around and see who has the lowest prices when it comes to moving on a budget! If you can’t afford to do your move during a weekend because of budget constraints, see if you can do it on the weekdays, when movers might have more openings in their schedules. Usually Middle of the week is the best time to move as movers do not have much on their plate. Also, if your moving date is flexible then you should plan on moving in the winters as the number of people looking to move are very less and you can get pretty heavy discounts on the same.

5. Take advantage of transferable deals.

This can apply to anything from health club memberships to streaming services. If you have something like this that you won’t be using, see if there’s someone else in your social circle who would be willing to take over your subscription. You’ll save money, and they’ll never even know the difference!

6. Get an estimate for all moving costs.

Before you hire anyone to help with your move (or before you go through with it yourself), ensure that you get an estimate for everything that needs to be done! If you can’t do the move yourself, consider checking website of Moving Astute to choose from best moving companies,this way there won’t be any unexpected fees at the end of your trip. If something does cost extra, try asking around for some tips on how to cut back; perhaps there’s a service or tool out there that could save you money!

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7. Make sure to pack up everything carefully

Throwing all your things in boxes is easy enough, but if they aren’t packed properly, then they could end up being damaged during the move! Pack fragile items in bubble wrap or wrapping paper before wrapping them in the newspaper. Bubble wrap might seem like a waste, but consider how much money you’ll save on broken plates and vases! And if you’re moving in a ripping hurry, toss the products inboxes! Once everything is packed up, take it over to your new place and start unpacking as soon as possible.

8. But don’t rush yourself too much!

The last thing you need on moving day is something to go wrong with your vehicle before starting. Check tire pressure beforehand and make sure that everything is working properly before you begin driving. If there’s anything wrong, fix it now or at least note what has gone wrong so that someone else can repair it for you when you get back from your trip. You should also make sure that all windows are cleaned inside and out before the movers come for your things. If there’s some damage caused by dirt or grime during the move, you’ll have to pay for it out of pocket; it might not be too bad if the window is dirty on the outside, but windows that are sprayed from inside can quickly cost hundreds of dollars!


The tips we’ve provided are just some of the ways that you can save money when moving. Whether you want to do it yourself or hire a professional, there are many different things that you can do to keep your expenses down and move on a budget. For more advice about reducing the cost of relocating, be sure to check out our other blog posts!