Tips to Select Lingerie and How to Take Care of it in 2024

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Modern women consider lingerie as a major part of their wardrobe. It is extremely simple and easy to buy the best lingerie. The internet has given you a global market to shop for these items. Whether you want to shop for exotic lingerie Malaysia or a classy one from England, there is something for everyone which is sexy and comfortable falling within your budget at the same time.  So, you no longer have to burn a hole in your pocket to feel good and desirable. Here are some tips which will help you in selecting the best lingerie as per your taste and budget.

Select a striking color: Firstly, you should which color is perfect your skin tone as well as hair color. Most women choose white, black and red. Hence, these colors are the best-sellers on any online store. But, if own these colors, then you should dig deeper. Blondes look good on pastel shades, redheads may choose earth tones and brunettes find strong colors more appealing. For example, if you are choosing crotchless panties from we suggest you go for a striking red or black color.

Choose a comfortable material: Lingerie are made from plethora of materials which include lace, velvet, mesh, satin and leather. According to your personal preference and image you wish to present, you should go for the kind of material. Remember leather may be striking but not all guys like to see their women in leather. Sheer materials are revealing but are recommended for most women.

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Suit your body type: Just like you choose your swimwear, the lingerie you select should be according to your body type. Make sure you stress on attractive features and limit your flaws. For instance, if you have a belly, choose styles which offer sheer coverage on that location. There is an assorted range of styles present online, so you cannot feel short of choices.

These guidelines will help you look for a sexy lingerie and will enhance your confidence and make you feel beautiful. It is all about choosing the right lingerie which suits your style, personality and body.

Lingerie comes in plethora of styles on the online platform and you will always get new designs. However, shopping for the correct one isn’t a piece of cake for every woman. You should keep some points in mind when you are buying your piece.

For women with small breasts, you should go for padded or wired lingerie to make it look bigger. Apart from it, it is recommended for women with short legs to select lingerie with high-cut leg designs to get long leg illusion. If you have big thighs and voluminous butt, then you should go for lingerie which emphasizes on your breast.

If you are a woman with a big stomach then go for dark colored intimate clothing will be the best choice. Of course with this kind of body, you should go for a lingerie which crafted from opaque fabric and not satin or chiffon. For women having wide shoulders, lingerie with broad straps will give your shoulders a slimmer look. Those women who have sexy curves, they should go for a style which showcases wide hips and slim waist to create a curvy body look.

Lingerie is present in a variety of colors, then which color should you choose to look best. A simple rule is to select dark tones if you have a dark tone and pastel shades if you are blonde or fair tone. But women with dark skin can choose decorated shades like red, blue to enhance their skin tones. You can get all types of lingerie easily at

Tips to take care of your lingerie

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Just like any other clothing in your wardrobe, your lingerie also needs attention and care. Whether it is your daily wear or special lingerie- you need to take good care of it. Here are some tips to properly care for your lingerie and make it wearable for years to come.

Wash and learn

You should wash your lingerie after 2-3 wear, provided you have been very sweaty during sport activities. Sports brace need hand washing on day to day basis

Give your favorite lingerie a break

Your favorite bra requires break, majorly if you need to make it last long. Once you know your favorite bra, you can purchase it in different colors to maintain the rotation and make swapping simpler.

Out of sight, out of mind

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If you don’t have a dedicated drawer for your undergarments, then your lingerie may get lost in the other attires. So, it is essential to make them look visible to you and place them in a fully opened drawer to have a clear view of everything you want to keep handy. Ensure that the place is dry and no mold is formed.

Keep your favorite bras just in the front row of your drawer and then place your occasional bras right behind it. It will encourage wearing all your bras time by time wisely and you won’t skip any. Make it a habit to keep your freshly washed lingerie piled in front of you to maintain the constant flow and ensure that you also use thongs, monokini, lingerie dresses.

Wash it gently

If you are washing delicate lingerie, then choose a mild detergent, soap or wool shampoo for the purpose with cold water. At the time of rinsing, put cold water in the tub and add white vinegar about a teaspoon to wipe out the soapy residue. Wrap it with dry towel to wipe out all the moisture from it. Now gently straighten the corners. Do not squeeze, rub, wriggle or wring the fabric at the time of drying it.

Some amazing tricks

If you don’t have time to hand wash your lingerie, then buy lingerie protective pouch and throw it directly in the washing machine with other clothes. However, make sure to check the settings of your machine. Make sure it is on gentle and run it with warm water. Do not ever use hot water or it will affect the longevity of your lingerie. Lastly, do not tumble dry your lingerie ever.