Top Casino Moments from the Bond Franchise

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Since the release of the very first film in 1962, James Bond has been a constant source of entertainment for a lazy evening. There’s hardly a person who doesn’t know Bond. You know his name, you got his number, but you will never know who he is.

The Bond franchise is jam – packed with action, suspense, and thrill. As a world-class spy, his reputation precedes him. He might just save the world from the vicious super villains and complete his mission, but some of the most intense moments happen at the card table. While we cannot be Bond and save the world, however we can most definitely play some roulette or bingo, from the comfort of our homes, just click here to know more.

Any 007 movie is practically incomplete without tuxedos, the finest of cars, high tech gadgets, and of course the fan favorite, some super intense, life – threatening gambling scenes, which he wins every time and saves the world from nasty super villains. Here’s a trip down the memory lane, where you can enjoy the top Bond casino moments.

Thunderball, 1965

Released in 1965, Thunderball is still remembered as a benchmark in the Bond film series. Bond, played by Sean Connery, and the villain Emilio Largo, played by Adolfo Celi, are up for a game of Baccarat or as they call it, Chemin de Fer. The suspense is really thrilling and grips you until the very end. Of course, Bond wins the game, but it’s still enthralling to watch the villain’s counter game.

Chemin de Fer is a card game and involves six decks of cards. It is the French version of the modern – day Baccarat and is usually a lot faster. It is also Bond’s most preferred game throughout the franchise.

Casino Royale, 2006

With the entry of Daniel Craig in the Bondverse, the casino scenes got much more intense and super edgy to watch. This time, the villain was portrayed as Le Chiffre and was played by Mads Mikkelsen. The popular game of Texas Hold’em was played between the two, which was significantly longer as compared to the other films in the franchise. The game is quite famous in the casinos and anyone who plays would know that it requires a set of skills and some luck. Bond gets poisoned, nearly dies, and comes back with his game on. He almost loses everything, but his friend from the CIA helps him back in. He ends up winning and tips the dealer with $1 million.

This is a poker game with cards and the two players are to draw seven cards each from the deck, which consists of two “hole cards”. The player with the maximum value wins.

Diamonds are Forever, 1971

Sean Connery’s final Bond film had some pretty intense action scenes. It also had a game of Craps, played between himself and his long-standing nemesis, Ernst Stavro Blofeld. This is the only film in the series where Bond is seen playing Craps. Bond wins the game, money, and the hearts of the audience.

Crap is another popular casino game of dice. A bet is placed before rolling the die and then it’s all fate. But not for Bond, as he always manages to win.

Dr. No, 1962

The very first Bond film had a great deal of class to it, which could be seen easily. Be it the fashion, or the glamorous Ashton Martins, this film already set the bar very high. The fictional casino set in London is a work of art and class, with the men dressed in crisp tuxedos and their glamorous lady lucks standing by their sides. The villain does not know who Bond was and asks him for some formal introduction. It was at this moment that the audience got to hear the infamous Bond dialogue for the very first time: “Bond. James Bond”.

They played the game of Chemin de Fer, an older version of Baccarat. It is not found in many casinos these days. However, in its native France, it is still very popular.

Octopussy, 1983

This one is for the Indian fans, as super villain Kamal Khan operates from India and Bond follows him there. Then at the casino, instead of a traditional game of cards, Bond has to play the board game of Backgammon.   007 enters into a bet for not only 500,000 Indian National Rupees, but also a Faberge egg. He eventually ends up beating the villain by using his own loaded dice and walks away with the priceless artifact, along with the money.

Backgammon is an old board game, possibly one of the oldest in the world. Two players can play it at a time and it involves dice rolling.

Goldeneye, 1995

Bond, now played by Pierce Brosnan, adds to the reputation and fame of the franchise. This movie is based in Monaco, and Bond can be seen playing Baccarat against the Russian agent, Xenia Onatopp. As the game is heated up and becomes intense, it is interesting to note the romantic tension between the two rivals, which later turned to be a signature classic for a majority of the Bond films. Along with beating the Russian agent, Bond manages to bring up the one liners and charm the audience.


These are just a few notable mentions from the film series. Of course, there are many more. How and where did Bond learn the tricks and became the God of the Casino can only be speculated, but it sure did help him to save the world, win money, and the hearts of the viewers, and of course, beat the rivals.

The franchise is a great hit, with 25 movies in and millions of fans across the globe. The latest edition, “No Time To Die” will mark Daniel Craig’s last appearance as Bond. WIll 007 get to play his favorite Baccarat? The question still remains a mystery.