Top Dog Brush Buying Guide & Review

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Statistics show that dogs are the most common pets of choice for many households. The furry four-legged creatures are affectionate, adorable and lovable. They, however, require a lot of upkeep to avoid an issue like pest infestation in their adorable fur. Dog grooming is a must-do process for every dog owner or as they like to be called, parents of dogs. As simple as it may sound, grooming a dog is an art that should be done in a specific way.

The first thing to consider when looking into the best grooming experience for your dog is the type of brush to use. When choosing the type of brush to be used for dog grooming, the first thing to consider is the coat of the dog.

For silky and long coats- for dogs with silkier coats, a pin brush is most preferable. This is a kind of brush that has wire-like pins whose tips are plastic or rubber-coated. This type of brush is also good for dogs with longer coats.

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For short and wiry coats- for dogs that have more wiry and short coats, a bristle brush is the go-to type of brush. The bristles are well designed to take care of the debris present in the coats leaving a nice shine on the dog’s coat.

For dogs with flat and short coats- for such furred dogs, a shedding blade is more suitable. This is a type of brush that is shaped like a horseshoe comb. It has small blades that can be used to remove loose fur on the dog in order to prevent the fur from shedding all over hence the name of the brush. This brush can also be used for dogs with a combination of coats.

For dogs with heavy and double coats- for such a coat type, the undercoat rake is the best type of comb to use. The undercoat rake is quite similar to a pin brush. However, it has longer and fewer pins that are designed to get deep into the heavy coats as well as the double coats.

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For all kinds of coats- the slicker brush is the weapon of choice. It’s designed for all types of coats. It has rows of thin wires on its either flat or curved head that remove tangled from the fur and also removes the loose fur.

If you are looking for such a brush as the slicker brush, the Furminator by Simply Pets is the solution. It is a sort of de-shedding tool that is designed with a metal comb that is toothed for collecting the shedding fur or the loose fur. The Furminator also has a button that is pressed in order to collect the loose fur that has been collected. The tool works on short, heavy, flat, double-coated as well as a combination of different coated animals. According to the manufacturers, the Furminator can help reduce shedding in dogs as well as other furry pets by up to ninety percent. To see some more useful products for dogs, check Petlabhouse.